Feed factories should pay attention to the points during COVID - 19 period

The new crown pneumonia, African swine fever, avian flu, killing all together, the nutritional formula for strengthening immunity is the core competitiveness of feed enterprises in extraordinary times. The sudden new coronary pneumonia makes us re-recognize the essence of immunity. Healthy animal food escorts our immune system. Healthy animal food needs to be guaranteed by high-quality and safe feed. The comprehensive consideration of the substitution of anti-disease nutrition, immune nutrition, and production nutrition into the overall formula system is a formula strategy for feed manufacturers to achieve animal health and disease prevention.

1-5tph computer control feed plant for processing animal feed

1. Reasonable feed formula, fully considering the immune characteristics of active substances and nutrients of raw materials;

2. Anticipate the quality of raw materials and control the risk of toxic and harmful ingredients, especially mycotoxins;

3. Reasonably add resistance-enhancing Chinese herbal medicine products and micro-ecological preparations;

4. Reasonable processing ensures the activity of nutrients.

Richi Machinery is a first-class feed machinery supplier in China. It has built more than 1,000 feed production lines for the world. After more than 20 years of research and development, it has become a leading enterprise in China's feed machinery industry and has in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the production process. the study. Ruiqi Machinery focuses on the overall solution of feed machinery. Before customizing the production line solution, RICHI's technical staff will understand the production process of the feed factory in detail, configure the production line according to the company's process equipment, and formulate detailed process parameters to guide the customer's production.

Customize your feed production processing line:

1.Rabbit feed production line

2.Cattle feeding plant

3.Pig feed pellet making plant

4.china manufacturer poultry chicken feed plant

5.Fish food processing line

6.Shrimp feed processing line

7.Sheep pellet feed line

8.Camel pellet feed line

9.Premix feed production line

10.Horse pellet feed line


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