Fish feed solution for pond fish during the new crown epidemic

The sudden new crown epidemic in 2020 has hit most industries, and the aquaculture industry is no exception. Consumption has declined, transportation has been blocked, and large numbers of pond fish cannot be released in time. After a winter of feeding stop and low temperature stress, the pond pond fish has been in a state of starvation stress for a long time, and its own energy and body reserves are constantly consumed, showing a loss of fat, the overall body is poor, and it is more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections; after spring The water temperature at different levels varies greatly, and the temperature difference between day and night is also large, which causes considerable stress on the fish body.

floating fish feed plant formulation mill processing equipment

At the same time, as the water temperature gradually rises, the food intake of the fish increases, and the digestive burden of the liver, pancreas and intestine of the fish suddenly Aggravated, it is easy to cause diseases such as liver hemorrhage, liver rupture, enteritis, etc. In order to promote the fish to recover its physique as soon as possible and improve the disease resistance and stress resistance of the fish body, Richi Machinery has summarized a set of mature spring based on years of formula practice "Recipe + process" adjustment plan of high-quality feed for Cangtang fish to achieve the growth of feed, overall anti-stress, improve immunity, improve the ability to deal with the complex environment of early spring, and achieve rapid recovery and growth.

1. Formula nutrition adjustment: properly increase the fat content, optimize the composition of fatty acids, increase the amount of high-quality protein, and pay attention to the balance of amino acids;

2. Raw material selection: select raw materials with high digestion and absorption rate, optimize starch module, and optimize the proportion of protein raw materials;

3. Selection of fat source: proper balance of endogenous fat and externally added fat;

4. Adjustment of micro-nutrients, especially vitamins involved in metabolic and physiological adjustments should be appropriately increased.

5. Add functional additives to activate the full recovery of all aspects of pond fish function and reduce stress.

Scaly fish (crucian carp, carp, grass carp, herring, bream, silver carp, black fish, tilapia, etc.): the whole amount of addition is 1 kg per ton of full price. When the stress conditions such as medication and catching are large, the appropriate increment is 1.5-2.0 kg/ton. Scaleless fish (catfish, yellow catfish, spot catfish, balsam fish, loach, eel, etc.): the whole addition amount is 1.5 kg per ton of full price material. When the stress conditions such as medication and catching are large, the appropriate increment is 2.0-3.0 kg/ton.

6. Organic combination of craftsmanship and formula: according to the feeding and feeding characteristics of different fishes and the physiological characteristics of digestion, the crafts to be adjusted are different;

Fish pellet feed: need to adjust the process parameters such as crushing fineness, tempering temperature, tempering time, ring die aperture and compression ratio to increase the maturation of raw materials;

Puffed fish feed: In addition to the adjustment of the above process parameters, the screw speed and die opening rate need to be adjusted to achieve a suitable puffing coefficient, thereby improving the digestion and absorption rate of the overall feed and reducing feed waste.

7. Scientific feeding: When the water temperature rises to 8-10℃ in spring, the fish start to eat, and the food intake gradually increases with the increase of water temperature, and should be fed in time. Feed once a day or every other day, choose to feed at noon on a sunny day; as the water temperature continues to increase, the number of baits can be increased to two, that is, feeding once in the morning and afternoon. Feeding should adhere to the principle of "four fixed" (timing, quality, positioning, quantitative), the specific daily feeding amount should be flexibly controlled according to the weather, water temperature and fish feeding conditions, and generally accounts for 1.5 of the weight of the food fed in the pond %—4%.

By adjusting the fish feed formula, optimizing the raw materials, and suitable processing technology, we can produce the feed suitable for the storage of pond fish in spring, and then feed it scientifically, so that the pond fish after winter can restore digestive and metabolic immune function as soon as possible, and quickly restore physical fitness and Fatty, improve the market specifications and transport resistance of Cangtang fish.

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