Cattle industry of China is using these 14 feeds to raise cattle

What feed can cows eat? Grass, carrots, straw, fish meal, fermented feed, compound feed, etc. Different countries, different regions, different breeding plants, and different farmers, if they use self-prepared feed, they will feed the cattle differently, unless they use the same formula. However, if it is not a large-scale cattle farm, many farmers configure their own feed, and the method used is very traditional, and some people even feed the cattle with the most traditional grass feed. As far as the current scientific method of feeding cattle is concerned, formula feed pellet for cattle is the best. Today I will list for you what feeds the China cattle industry is using to feed cattle. Perhaps you have never heard of some feed types.

Widely used wholesale cattle cow feed production line

1. Fermented corn stalks 

Fermenting corn stalks and feeding them to dairy cows can significantly increase the palatability, are easy to digest and absorb, and can increase milk production by 10%.   

2. Juicy feed 

Winter and spring are the seasons of withered grass, and juicy feed such as white radish, carrots, and sweet potatoes should be added to increase milk production by about 10%.   

3. Green feed

 Give the cows green fodder, silage and green hay in winter and spring, which can increase milk production by about 10%.   

4. Feed the congee material 

Congee has good palatability, and cows love it, and it is easily digested and absorbed. The method is: first dilute the powdered concentrate with water, pour it into the pot after the water in the pot boils, stir for 5-10 minutes and serve. The ratio of feed to water is 1:10-15 in winter and 1:20-30 in summer. Using this method to feed cows can increase milk production by about 10%. 

5. Compound feed 

Feeding milk cows with compound feed can generally increase milk production by 20%-30%. 6 Feeding baking soda  Feeding 100 grams of baking soda per cow per day can increase milk production by more than 10%. 

6 , Rapeseed cake

The detoxified rapeseed cake is added to the concentrate at a ratio of 20% to feed the cows, which can increase the milk production by 10%. 

7 、Anthelmintic 

After the cow has given birth, take 70 mg of thiabendazole per kilogram of body weight to get rid of parasites in the digestive tract and increase milk production by 10%.

8 、Urea 

Dissolve the urea in water and mix it with the feed and mix well. The daily feeding amount per cow does not exceed 100 grams, which can increase milk production by 15%. 

9. Potassium iodide 

Mix 5 mg of potassium iodide and 30 g of sodium sulfate with the feed evenly, and feed it every 2 days, which can increase milk production by about 10%. 

10.Fish Meal 

In the early stage of lactation of dairy cows, adding 750 grams of fish meal per day to each dairy cow can increase milk production by 10%-15%. 

11. Sunflower seeds with husks 

Adding 10%-20% of sunflower seeds with husks to the feed for dairy cows increases the milk yield by 15% compared with the unadded. 

12. Citrus leaves 

Feeding cows after fermenting citrus leaves can increase milk production by about 30%. Collect the citrus leaves in early spring, wash and chop them, stir in a small amount of beer as a starter, put them in the silage, and ferment for 10 days before feeding. 

13. Honey pollen 

Adding honey pollen to dairy cow feed can increase milk production by more than 10%. 

14. Liquor lees 

Adding 10% of white wine distiller's grains into the feed can increase milk production by more than 10%.

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