Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase in the Process Of 30t/h Fully Automatic Poultry Chicken Feed Mill Workshop Construction

"Reducing costs and increasing efficiency" has always been an important goal of business management and one of the effective measures to gain competitive advantage. However, in actual management, many people will one-sidedly think that "reducing costs and increasing efficiency" means minimizing the costs of all links in the value chain of a company's production and operation. In fact, we should understand that the value chain is a system composed of a series of interdependent value-added activities of enterprises, and each value activity is connected by the internal links of the value chain. The production and operation of an enterprise is a systematic project. It is unrealistic to require all links of the enterprise to reach the lowest cost. Its realization will inevitably come at the cost of loss of benefits. Only by coordinating and optimizing various value chains to bring about opportunities for cost reduction, can we finally maximize the benefits of the enterprise and realize "cost reduction and efficiency increase" in the true sense.

30t/h animal feed manufacturing process machine of poultry feed plant

Therefore, during the construction of a 30t/h fully automatic poultry chicken feed plant, if both the investor and the contractor require the lowest cost in all aspects of production and operation, it may happen that the contractor will not hesitate to sacrifice quality in order to achieve the purpose of the construction. The shoddy is good, causing the investor's investment efficiency to be damaged. Only when the investor gives the contractor a certain profit margin and the contractor gives the investor the greatest service value and mutual benefit can a win-win result be achieved.

To reduce costs and increase efficiency in a 30t/h fully automatic poultry chicken feed making plant workshop, for investors in a 30t/h fully automatic poultry feed processing line plant, the first consideration should be to minimize the early-stage investment in the 30 ton feed mill workshop, including civil construction costs and equipment investment costs. , Personnel training costs, etc.; the second consideration is to reduce the maintenance and operation costs of the 30t/h automatic poultry feed pellet manufacturing plant after the completion, such as production power consumption, equipment maintenance and management costs, etc.; the last is to build a feed workshop as soon as possible to produce qualified products as soon as possible , Bring investment income.

As for the contractor of the 30 tons per hour poultry chicken feed mill, it is necessary to obtain satisfactory orders as much as possible, increase the chance of winning the order, and reduce the sales cost. After the price of the contracted feed factory is determined, the construction requirements of the investor are met. Under circumstances, strengthen communication with investors, reduce repetitions in the construction process, reduce the loss of raw materials in the equipment installation process, strengthen equipment quality management, and reduce subsequent service costs to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Although our article is talking about the construction of a 30t/h fully automatic poultry chicken feed milling machinery factory workshop, it is also applicable to the construction of various medium and large-scale feed factories such as 10 ton per hour cattle feed pelletizing production line ,5 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant and 15t/h poultry livestock feedstuff powder feed processing unit line.

30t/h automatic chicken animal feed pellet making plant for sale

1. Fully investigate the market demand, determine the actual production feed variety and feed production scale

The production feed variety and production scale of the 30 tons per hour poultry animal feed processing plant are determined by local market demand, not by some so-called experts or speculation. At present, many manufacturers, especially new ones, do not understand the feed industry and do not undergo sufficient market research. Instead, relying on bosses or so-called experts to shoot their heads, 300,000 tons per year and 500,000 tons per year of chicken duck fish feed mill factories, etc. As a result, the initial investment was too much. After the completion of the feed factory, the variety was not sold, the sales could not keep up, the production capacity was overcapacity, the equipment was idle, the equipment depreciation cost was high, and the factory efficiency was poor.

Therefore, by fully investigating market demand, determining reasonable feed varieties and production scale, investment resources can be rationally allocated, unnecessary waste in the construction process can be reduced, and costs can also be reduced and efficiency increased.

2. Seriously analyze the needs of the company and determine the building structure model of the feed factory workshop that suits you

At present, concrete structures and steel structures are generally used in China. The advantage of steel structure workshops is that the construction period is short, and it can be completed and put into production earlier than concrete, and the benefits can be seen early. The working environment is poor. The concrete structure workshop has a long construction period, but the cost is lower and the workers' working environment is better. Therefore, the general feed mills currently adopt concrete structures.

Since the building structure model of the 30tph animal feed pelletizing line plant workshop directly affects the civil construction investment and construction period of the workshop, the investment of the feed factory can be determined according to actual needs.

3. Determine the production process and equipment selection of a 30t/h poultry feed manufacturing plant according to feed production raw materials, varieties and production habits

The determination of the production process of the 30t/h factory price poultry feed pellet processing line plant has a great impact on the design of the chicken poultry feed mill workshop and feed production in the future. For example, whether to choose the "powder first and then mix" or "powder first and then powder" process, or the size and quantity of the crushing warehouse, batching warehouse, and finished product warehouse.

(1) At present, China generally adopts the "powder first and then blending" process, mainly because the raw materials used in most feed mills are more complex and diverse. There are even several types of the same raw material, and the current production and operating costs Electricity costs account for an extremely large proportion. The use of this process will inevitably increase the number of warehouses and increase investment in civil construction, but this is relatively low compared with the production power consumption. When considering the size and quantity of crushing bins, batching bins, and finished product bins, of course, the more the better from the perspective of production, but the increase in the size and number of bins will also affect the equipment layout, increase the workshop area, and increase civil construction costs. Therefore, when considering these issues, both the flexibility of production and the cost of civil construction must be considered.

(2) When determining the 30t/h advanced poultry feed mill process flow, due to the current high electricity costs in China, it is necessary to reduce the horizontal conveying equipment, make use of the self-flow of materials as much as possible, and reduce the power consumption during the use of the equipment.

(3) The selection of 30t/h automatic poultry feed equipment should pay attention to meet the production needs, and do not mix randomly. When a salesperson used to configure a 30-ton-per-hour feed factory, all the feeding hoists used 22KW power, but under normal circumstances, the power can be configured to 7.5KW, which significantly increases the power consumption.

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30tph automatic small plant poultry pellet feed production plant

4. Carefully carry out the design of the 30t/h automatic poultry feed producing line workshop to reduce unnecessary investment

(1) When designing a 30t/h full automatic poultry chicken feed pelletizing production line workshop, we must pay attention to reduce the height of the workshop as much as possible while meeting the production needs. Because of the increase in height, it goes without saying that the cost of civil construction increases, followed by the increase in the height of the conveying equipment, and the increase in the motor equipped with the conveying equipment, which leads to an overall increase in the operating cost of the investor. Therefore, even if the height of the workshop is increased by 1mm, it is a waste of the investor to meet the poultry chicken feed production needs.

(2) When designing the pellet making plant workshop, I have to mention the setting of the basement. A feed manufacturer encountered such a situation when doing workshop design. Since the company did not build basements before, they felt that local pits could greatly reduce costs. Therefore, when they were doing a project in Vietnam, they still required local pit. However, due to the poor local geology and the large amount of groundwater on site, many shear walls and floors need to be made when making local pits. On-site construction is difficult and the cost of civil works is also high. After communicating with the civil design personnel, finally The basement was transformed into a complete basement without local pits, which not only reduced the difficulty of construction, but also reduced the cost of civil construction. Therefore, when designing the feed workshop, it is necessary to consider whether to set up a basement according to the geological conditions, so as to minimize the civil construction cost.

(3) In addition, in the design process, the repair and maintenance of the feed equipment must be considered. We cannot reduce the size of the workshop because of cost savings, which will affect the repair and maintenance of the feed processing equipment. Although the civil construction cost of the workshop has been reduced, the repair and maintenance of the equipment Maintenance has increased; at the same time, we do not advocate making the workshop large in consideration of feed making equipment repair and maintenance.

30t/h turn-key poultry chicken feed production line machinery

5. Carefully organize the installation and commissioning of the 30t/h automatic chicken feed processing line plant

The installation and commissioning of the 30t/h fully automatic poultry feed plant has a huge impact on the production of the feed plant. During the installation process, pay attention to the installation protection of the equipment, prevent the equipment from bumping, reduce the waste of labor and materials, strictly control the leakage and leakage that may occur during the installation of the equipment, reduce the follow-up service, and reduce the cost for the contractor Synergistic. For investors, operating the equipment with extremely low operating and management costs after it is put into production is also a great cost reduction and efficiency increase.

6. Strictly demand, do a good job of training the production staff of 30t/h automatic poultry chicken broiler animal feed pellet making plant

The production personnel of the 30t/h fully automatic poultry feeds production line are the operators of the poultry feed equipment, and the performance of the equipment is closely related to the operators of the equipment. Therefore, it must be strictly required to train the production personnel of the feed factory so that they can operate and maintain correctly Maintain equipment, reduce the follow-up service cost of the contractor, and produce qualified products.

7. Actively cooperate with supporting facilities of 30t/h automatic poultry pellet feed plant

When the contractor is carrying out equipment installation and other work, the investor shall vigorously do a good job in supporting the auxiliary facilities of the 30t/h computer control feed plant for processing animal feed, and make the equipment enter the normal operation as soon as possible to bring benefits to the investor as soon as possible.

The completion of a poultry feed plant 30 ton suitable for the investor's requirements has brought benefits to the investor, and at the same time brought the contractor the next opportunity for cooperation, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

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