The pig defecation location is always annoying, try these tips

With the development of the pig industry, modern equipment has been used to a certain extent, and the feeding and management of pigs has become more and more a simple systematic project. In all aspects of pig raising, the transfer of the pig herd is also one of the tasks. The feeding method of the pigs after the transfer is changed, and the stress prevention and health care are required. After the shift, there is one more thing that makes our breeders and technicians a headache, which is the place where our pigs are excreted.

how to make your own pig cattle feed

The daily condition of pigs has always been something we are more concerned about. Because of the habits of pigs, sometimes the eating, drinking, and excretion of pigs are often mixed together, and how to separate the eating, drinking, and excretion of pigs is a skill. Today After summarizing, we have come up with a few tips, let us take a look.

Tip 1: The placement of pig manure bags. Due to the characteristics of pigs, pigs always have to find a fixed place to excrete after they are transferred. At this time, the guidance of pigs is very important. In order to guide pigs to excrete well, we can fix pigs in a fixed place by placing pig manure bags. , Tell the pig through the pig manure packet that this is where the excretion is.     

Tip 2: Sprinkle feed in places where pigs are not allowed to excrete. Everyone don't think pigs are always dirty. In fact, pigs are one of the favorite animals to be clean. Sprinkle a thin layer of feed on the areas where you don't want to see pig excrement before the pigs move around. Where is the place to eat and live, not excretion.    

Tip3: Color strips and block the pig at a fixed location. This method should not have been tried by many people. In fact, this method was discovered after a few experiments recently. After the pigs are moved to the pen, the pigs are fenced in a fixed place with colored strips for about an hour, and the pigs will be there in the future. Excretion in that place.

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