Beware of calcium poisoning in young laying hens

Calcium poisoning in young laying hens is characterized by atrophy of the kidneys of sick chickens, dilated ureter with stones, and varying degrees of kidney and joint gout.

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In acute cases, the feathers are usually fluffy, the crown is small and pale, and the body weight and condition are normal. However, he died suddenly in a cage. After autopsy, the whole internal organs can be found to have fine, white, stone dust-like urate deposits. In addition to fluffy feathers and atrophy of white crowns, chronic cases also manifested as anorexia, depression, white and thin feces, and the feathers around the cloaca were contaminated into yellow and white symptoms.

After an autopsy, it was found that there were white urate crystals in the leg joints, wing joints and tendon sheaths.

Excessive calcium in the diet is the main cause of calcium poisoning in young laying hens.

In practice, in order to reduce feed costs for individual chicken farmers, young laying hens were supposed to be fed with low-calcium feed at the early stage, but they were changed to feed during the laying period in advance. The result is often only to promote egg production (high protein energy in egg production), but ignore the negative effect of calcium in the diet, which causes the burden on the kidneys of young laying hens to increase, and the calcium excreted in the urine is deposited and formed in a large amount in the ureter Stones block the ureter and cause acute death of young laying hens. Long-term feeding of high-calcium feed to cause kidney dysfunction is the main cause of chronic death in young laying hens.

In addition, feeding the same feed, the symptoms of poisoning in free-range chickens are usually not obvious. Once transferred to the group and basketed, it often causes a large-scale outbreak of the disease. Therefore, adopting free-range rearing methods to raise young laying hens can prevent calcium poisoning.

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