How to choose raw materials for self-made compound feed in large-scale pig farms?

The use of compound feed to raise pigs can increase the utilization rate of pig feed and achieve the effect of rapid growth and slaughter. In this regard, many large-scale pig farms have achieved successful experience. So, how can large-scale pig farms make use of local feed resources and conditions to make compound feeds themselves? Generally speaking, consider the following five principles:

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(1) Variety diversity

A single feed cannot meet the nutritional needs of pigs. When selecting, choose as many raw materials as possible. The compound feed for pigs is preferably composed of more than 6 raw materials. The main energy feeds include corn, rice bran, bran, dried sweet potatoes, etc.; protein feeds mainly include cotton cakes, vegetable cakes, soybean cakes and other cakes; coarse feeds mainly include grass meal, corn stalks, etc.; mineral feeds mainly include bone meal, Eggshell powder, shell powder, etc. When formulating, two or three kinds of the above-mentioned various feeds should be selected and matched in a certain ratio to achieve mutual supplementation of nutrients, thereby increasing the nutritional value of the compound feed.

(2) Measures should be adapted to local conditions

The selection of raw materials should be adapted to local conditions and local materials should be used. The source of raw materials is guaranteed, and the price is reasonable. Through reasonable coordination, it can not only meet the nutritional needs of pigs, but also reduce costs appropriately, and the stability of the feed is also guaranteed.

(3) The palatability is better

Whether the feed composition is reasonable, firstly depends on whether the pigs like to eat or not. For example, the feed is poor in palatability and the pigs do not like to eat. No matter how reasonable the nutritional value of such a compound feed is, it is not a qualified feed. When formulating a feed formula, it is necessary to choose the feed that pigs like to eat. For example, in energy feed, sorghum has astringent taste; rapeseed cake in protein feed has a spicy taste and poor palatability of coarse feed. Pigs do not like these feeds,don't overdo it.

(4) Suitable volume

Compound feed pays attention to the proper volume. If there is too much roughage, the volume will be too large. Although the pig can be full, the nutrients cannot meet the needs. Conversely, if the feed volume is too small, even if the feed the pig eats in a day can fully satisfy the pig’s nutrient needs, the pig will not feel full and will not sleep peacefully, which will also affect the normal growth and development of the pig. Gain weight.

(5) No moldy, toxic and harmful raw materials are required

For example, corn, soybeans, peanut cakes, cottonseed cakes, etc. are easily parasitized by molds and mold and produce toxins, which can cause stillbirths and abortions in breeding pigs, as well as piglet diarrhea and stagnant growth of large pigs. Therefore, in When formulating feed, moldy, toxic and harmful raw materials must not be used.

[Recommended pig feed making formula]

(1) Feed formula for 20-60kg pigs: wheat bran 15%, dibasic calcium phosphate 1.5%, high-quality fish meal 2%, stone powder 0.23%, corn 53%, soybean meal 16%, fine rice bran 10%, salt 0.19 %, additives 2.08%.

(2) Feed formula for 60-90kg pigs: fish meal 1%, soybean meal 12%, dibasic calcium phosphate 1%, rice 9%, stone powder 0.4%, corn 54%, wheat bran 20%, salt 0.24%, Additive 2.36%.

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