Problems and Solutions of Product Quality in Cattle and Pig Feed Mill Plant Factory

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1. Question: Too much granular powder?  

(1) Reason: 

①Poor process, aging or unmatched equipment, grading screen specifications (grinding particle size, compression ratio, etc.)?

②The quality of cattle feed raw material is poor (over-dried corn, inferior flour = fine bran) or semi-finished products have high moisture (face: high moisture corn in winter? How to solve it?)

③The structure of cattle feed formula is reasonable? High fat content? Accuracy?

(2) Solution:

①Improve the process parameters: select the appropriate compression ratio (according to the moisture content of the semi-finished product), improve the steam quality, crush the particle size, and adjust the crusher gap;

②Formulation adjustment and improvement: adding binder and reducing the amount of grease added;

③Improve the quality of raw materials: the use of primary flour or whole wheat flour

2. Question: The length and diameter of cattle feed pellets are different?  

(1) Reason:

①Cause of cattle feed equipment (ring die, ring die material,cattle feed hammer mill grinder machine, cutter orientation)  

②Man-made operation problems (poor operation skills, unreasonable equipment adjustment)

③Artificial product specifications are not clear, and production is fuzzy and confused (ring die, grading screen requirements).

(2) Solution: 

①Repair the guide hole of the ring die and update the ring die in time (depending on the aperture wear);  

② Correctly adjust the cutter position;  

③Adjust the proper clearance of the ring die cattle feed pelletizer equipment;

④Clarify product specification requirements, process parameter requirements, and produce according to standards;  

⑤The initial inspection of the cattle feed pellet granulator machine and the final inspection of the packing personnel.

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3. Question: The color of pig concentrate changes greatly?  

(1) Reason:

① Sensory changes in pig feed raw materials (soybean meal, peanut meal)-from different suppliers (factories) 

②Incorrect use of raw materials (Kushikura) 

③Due to the shortage of raw materials, the structure of formula raw materials has changed  

④The head and tail of the warehouse are fed into the finished product, and the equipment residue is mixed into the finished product 

(2) Solution:

①Stable source of raw materials, pay attention to the stability of raw material sensory quality

②Stable formula structure to avoid shortage of raw materials 

③The raw materials for pig feed are stored exclusively to prevent confusion with other animal feed

④ Eliminate the warehouse head and warehouse tail materials, and strictly prohibit entering the finished product, and pack it for final inspection 

⑤Make a plan for the use of raw materials, replenish inventory in time, and ensure continuous production

⑥Everyone reached a consensus, paid attention to, and supervised the implementation.

4. Question: Is there corn or other feed mixed in pig concentrate? 

(1) Reason:  

①The pig feed mixer is leaking or artificially discharging too early (mostly in continuous production of batches after the production of concentrated materials)

②Corn string warehouse or finished product string warehouse or the raw material itself remains (germ meal residual corn) 

③The conveying equipment is not cleaned up during the alternate production of varieties (mostly in the continuous production of concentrated feed after the production of compound feed)  

(2) Solution:  

①Regularly overhaul and maintain cattle pig feed mill factory equipment;

②Equipment cleaning during alternate production of products;  

③Pay attention to details when purchasing raw materials (color, smell, taste, impurities, processing technology); 

④It is necessary to strictly prevent the cross-storage of raw materials and set up warehouse workers;  

⑤The packer conducts final inspection on the product.

5. Questions: wrong ingredients, premix ingredients, wrong delivery?  

(1) Reason: 

①Big feed production plan, chaos, heavy workload, pursuit of efficiency, ignoring quality; 

②New employees are on the job, lack of training, unclear understanding of small materials, lack of quality awareness, lack of responsibility;  

③The quality control supervision service is not in place, the blind spots and blind spots of quality control;  

④Raw material chain warehouse (the leveler is not in place or human error), the ingredients are distorted;  

⑤The formula was executed incorrectly, and the accident was ignored and the truth was concealed.  

(2) Solution:  

①Choose candidates with strong executive power and sense of responsibility: stable candidates, timely training, improved quality awareness, and concealment and non-reporting of major quality accidents are not tolerated; 

②Strengthen supervision and increase the frequency of random inspections (without supervision, there will be no execution);

③Strengthen process management (do things right): check, record, rectify, execute, and review. 

④Set up warehouse workers to manually control batching errors.  

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6. Problem: Poor packaging quality, wrong packaging and label usage?  

(1) Reason: 

①The quality of the packaging is poor, and the quality control is not strict (inner membrane, outsourcing weaving) 

②The packer is careless  

③Original packaging and labels mixed with other company's products

(2) Solution:

①Strictly control the packaging quality standards (implement the area packaging acceptance standards)

②Staff training, pay attention to details, improve operation methods, label and package front are consistent with the operator, timely control 

③Coordinate with the supply unit, control the product quality at the source to prevent confusion  

7. Question: Feed mildew?  

(1) Reason:

①Rain shower 

②Improper storage, the feed is damp 

③The temperature difference between the grain temperature and room temperature is large (greater than 5℃). In winter, pay attention to corn in vertical silos 

④Equipment wall hanging material, cleaning granulator waste mixed into finished products

⑤The processing method of the return material is incorrect  

(2) Solution: 

①In rainy days, storage and transportation of pads and shed cloth; 

②Customers store in a cool, dry place;

③Adjust the cooling air volume and cooling time to ensure the cooling effect;

④Clean up animal feed processing equipment (animal cattle pig feed mixing equipment,pellet cooler, animal feed pelletizer for cattle pig) regularly and regularly

⑤Dispose of the cattle pig pellet feed reasonably, re-granulate it and return it to the machine after crushing. It is strictly forbidden to mix it into the finished product.

⑥ Ventilate the corn in the silo regularly and check.

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