The control points in the production of high quality pig feed in the animal feed mill factory

animal feed processing equipment kenya

1. Raw grain cleaning

Complete impurity removal system: drum screen, dust removal system, magnetic separator, color sorter + winnowing system + dehulling machine (to maximize the cleanliness of the raw grain and reduce the content of mycotoxins)

2. Crushing process

Different grinding process parameters are formulated according to different product process requirements. Teaching trough feed production companies need to add micro-powder pig feed grinding equipment or secondary crushing process.

3. Ingredients process

(1) Ingredients warehouse and special warehouse dedicated

(2) The raw materials (expanded soybeans, expanded corn) that are small in dosage and perishable are fed reasonably according to the pig feed making formula dosage.

(3) Control batching error (static 0.1%FS dynamic 0.3%FS)

(4) Regularly calibrate the batching scale.

(5) Set the advance amount according to different proportions of raw materials and different cutting speeds. According to the feeding speed and accuracy of different feeding augers, the silo is used reasonably.

(6) According to different formula ratios, different ingredients are used, and the raw materials (stone powder, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.) with an amount of less than 20kg are added to the pre-mixing process.

4. Granulation process

(1) Ring die  

Select the ring die diameter and compression ratio of pig feed pelletizing equipment according to the pig feed production formula. The compression ratio of teach slot feed 2.0-2.2 is 1:4, and the compression ratio of medium and large pig 3.0 is 1:5-6.5.

(2) Steam quality  

Saturated steam: heat preservation of steam pipeline, increase pressure reducing valve, increase trap.

(3) Control the starting material and reflow material  

Clean up the flower materials after turning on the machine to make the finished product color consistent. It is recommended to clean up more to reduce the amount of returned materials at the head of the next section and improve production efficiency. The reflow material is taken out and returned to the same pig feed formula to prevent cross contamination.

(4) Companies with conditions can install hot air sanitation systems

Blow hot air into the pig feed pelletizing system during shutdown to keep the inside of the equipment dry, prevent the excessive reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the material (salmonella, etc.), reduce equipment corrosion and increase pig feed making equipment life.

4tph animal feed production line chart pdf

5. Cooling process

(1) According to different seasons, set different cooling time and cooling air volume.

(2) Keep the pellet cooler warm. Increase the temperature of the ambient air around the cooler in winter. (The air heat exchanger increases the air inlet temperature of the cooler and reduces the moisture of the cooling material)

6. On-site

(1) Big material launch: 

①Check whether the ingredients are put in correctly every day and whether they are put in first-in first-out.  

②Check whether the raw materials are moldy or deteriorated every day.

(2) Small material delivery:

①Double review 

②Calibrate the small scale every 3 days.

③Sampling and weighing irregularly every day to check whether it is equal to the formula weight. 

④Check whether the pig fodder formula is consistent with the weighed small material every day.

(3) Warehouse top:

①Inspect the roof of the warehouse irregularly every day, mainly to check whether there is a phenomenon of binning, and observe the crushing particle size. 

②Check the finished grading screen for leaks and breakage every day.

③Inspect the finished product splitter from time to time every day to see if there is any leakage of materials and bins.

7. Develop a management system to prevent cross contamination.

(1) Scientific planning, neat stacking positions, clearly marked distances, and cleanliness.

(2) Hygienic inspection and evaluation of raw material vehicles, the unloading process is one cleanup.

(3) Special bags for small material preparation, special buckets, and special shovel.

(4) The premix feed mixer is thoroughly cleaned no less than twice a week (inner wall, feeding port, pipeline, etc.).

(5) If different varieties use the same pig feed mixing equipment, the mixing system should be cleaned when changing varieties.

(6) Follow the principle of no medicine before and after medicine, and fill in the pig feed processing line cleaning record.

(7) Reasonably control the time interval of material emptying on the complete pig feed pellet production line.

(8) The cleaning material is clearly marked and stored in a fixed manner, the same variety is returned, and the cleaning material use record is filled in.

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