Is it better to feed suckling pigs with powder feed or pellets feed?

What kind of feed should be fed to suckling pigs? Is it granular or powder? According to Richi Machinery's experience, most farmers feed suckling pigs with powder. So, is it better to feed suckling pig with powder or pellet feed?

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1. The digestibility and palatability problems of pellets that can send feed

The high-grade suckling pig powder feed has used puffed corn, puffed soybeans and other puffed base materials. The basic formula itself has good palatability and digestibility, which is equivalent to the granulation and ripening process of granules, which is both sterilization and ripening of the raw materials. , And also use a large amount of whey powder, plasma protein powder, yeast have good attractant and highly digestible raw materials, and because the nutrition of the raw materials can be well preserved during processing, the current high-end suckling pig powder It has good palatability and digestibility. And now the high-end suckling pig feed is generally recognized by the market, which also proves this.

2. Pellets reduce the problem of diarrhea

Regarding diarrhea, suckling pig weaning diarrhea is a problem that farmers are more concerned about. The main cause of diarrhea is the problem of the feed itself, not the disease. Most of it is nutritional diarrhea, that is, the feed cannot be milked. Diarrhea caused by pigs' full digestion.

Pig pellet feed can reduce diarrhea, mainly because it is compared with the traditional low-grade suckling pig feed which is not matured; while the modern high-grade suckling pig feed is due to the maturation of basic raw materials and the use of a large amount of high-quality whey powder and rich immunity Globulin plasma protein powder, etc., have overcome the problem of diarrhea. In addition, because the raw materials can be finer than the pulverized particles, the diarrhea problem of high-grade powders is basically solved.

3. The pig pellet feed is more economical

As far as the feeding characteristics of suckling pigs are concerned, the lure starts from 7 days. As the sows have sufficient milk, they can get enough nutrition. Suckling pigs eat feed only out of curiosity about the shape, fragrance, and sweetness of the feed, and do not really eat; even if the pellets are fed, they are not eaten by the piglets; while the piglets really eat a lot The time does not appear until after weaning. Therefore, the amount of feed attracted before weaning is relatively small, and there is a certain amount of waste in both pellets and powders. Therefore, pellets may not necessarily save feed.

4. Diseases make it more convenient to use powders

Due to the current pig industry, new diseases continue to appear, and the phenomenon of mixed infections is becoming more common, making it more difficult to prevent and control diseases. In the actual breeding process, some farmers will add medicines and health care agents to prevent diseases according to their own conditions. In terms of adding drugs, powder is definitely more convenient than pellets.

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