Keeping the pig farm warm is the key, 10 ways to teach you exactly how to do it!

The optimum temperature for the growth of fattening pigs is:     

16~22℃ before weight 60 kg; 14~20℃ for 60~90 kg; 12~16℃ above 90 kg. Generally, the relative humidity in the house is 50%~75%. 

In winter, the weather is cold. Pigs are forced to use body fat in order to resist the severe cold. Therefore, the weight gain of pigs is slowed down and the feed utilization rate is reduced. In addition, due to poor management, piglets, weak pigs and sick pigs are frozen to death, which seriously affects the efficiency of breeding. For this reason, to do a good job of heat preservation in winter, it is recommended to choose the following 10 methods:

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1. Windproof

Winter cold winds invade the pig house and attack the pig’s body, which can cause pig colds and pneumonia. Therefore, the pig house should be built in a place where the terrain is high and dry, facing the south and facing the sun; in order to keep the house temperature relatively stable, the pig The windows and ventilation holes of the house should be more than 1 meter away from the ground; before winter, use wooden boards, straw curtains or plastic film to block the leaking places of the pig house to prevent cold wind from intruding; hang curtains in front of the pig house at night to keep warm Warm the cold; pile up corn stalks in the northwest outside the north wall of the pig house or set up a windbreak wall to prevent the northwest wind from invading the pig house.     

2. Cushion     

In winter, soft hay and soft straw with a thickness of about 20 cm should be added to the pig bed, which can absorb moisture, remove moisture, absorb harmful gases, and increase the temperature of the pig bed. Be careful to change the bedding frequently to avoid damp, mildew and ammonia gas, which will endanger the health of pigs.     

3. Mat wood chips     

Sawdust with a thickness of about 10 cm is spread in the pig pen, which can significantly increase the temperature of the pig house. At the same time, the wood dust will be fermented after a period of time, which is a high-quality crop fertilizer.    

4. Increase the stocking density  

Raise the pigs that are separately raised in groups to increase the stocking density. In winter, the stocking density is generally increased by about 40% compared to the summer. The heat emitted by the pigs increases, which can naturally increase the temperature of the house. At the same time, the pigs sleep next to each other. Heating can also increase the temperature of the entire pig house.    

5. Add energy feed     

When preparing the diet for pigs, the proportion of energy feed such as corn and sorghum should be appropriately increased, or the high-quality full-price feed from regular manufacturers should be selected and warm water should be used. Sufficient feed supply, increase the number of feedings during the day, insist on feeding a meal at around midnight, and dry the pig food to enhance cold resistance and disease resistance, and promote rapid weight gain.     

6. Adding traditional Chinese medicine for dispelling wind and cold to feed     

Adding traditional Chinese medicines for expelling wind and cold, activating blood and removing blood stasis, invigorating the spleen and drying dampness, can not only promote the rapid fattening of pigs, but also resist cold and disease. The prescription is as follows: Hawthorn, Divine Comedy, Chuanxiong, Poria, Nepeta, Parsnip, Fructus Aurantii, Qianghuo, Bupleurum, Atractylodes, Betel Nut, Licorice each 20 grams, Stir-fried malt 30 grams, grind mixed in the feed at a ratio of 0.2-0.5% Medium, fed twice a week.    

7. Set up a heat source in the pig house       

Use manual methods to set up a heat source in the pig house to increase the temperature in the pig house. Hot air stoves, air heaters, coal stoves and other equipment can be used to provide heat sources, and heating equipment such as piglet electric heating plates and infrared light bulbs can be used for piglet conservation. The box provides an additional heat source. When using coal-fueled heating equipment, attention should be paid to the unobstructed flue to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning of pigs due to poor smoke exhaust and carbon monoxide stagnation in the house. At the same time, fire prevention measures should be taken.     

8. Eliminate harmful gases  

If the concentration of harmful gases in the pig house is too high, the disease resistance and cold resistance of the pigs will be significantly reduced. Therefore, use the noon high temperature period every day to open doors and windows for ventilation, remove harmful gases, and change into fresh air to facilitate the growth and development of pigs. . Because of the low temperature in winter, the ventilation of the pig house must be controlled. The wind speed in the pig house should not exceed 0.2 m/s. The house temperature must be increased before ventilation.    

9. Get more sun 

Choose 1-3 o'clock in the afternoon when the weather is sunny and warm, and drive the pigs outside to bask in the sun. Strengthen outdoor exercises appropriately to improve the resistance of the pigs to cold weather.     

10. Keep the pig house dry 

The hazards of wet pig house: First, the higher the humidity of the pig house, the more cold the pigs will feel. The pigs will get colder, and the pigs will get together, causing crushing, crushing and even death. It is easy to cause diseases, such as skin diseases, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases and parasitic diseases.     

Therefore, dry pigsty is one of the main measures to ensure pig health. In order to prevent the pig house from being wet, it should be: first, prevent rain and snow leakage; second, frequently change the hay and loose soil; third, train pigs to defecate and urinate; fourth, make the floor of the pig house higher than the outside surface of the house. , It is best to use sand soil to prevent damp return; fifthly, remove pig manure and pig urine to eliminate the source of dampness in the pig house; sixthly, use absorbents to absorb moisture. When the humidity of the pig house is high, use plant ash, coal ash residue, quicklime, Adsorbents such as charcoal absorb water.

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