How to produce good aquatic extruded feed to seize the feed market opportunity?

Aquatic extruded feed,including floating fish feed, sinking fish feed,shrimp feed, etc.,is undoubtedly the high-grade product in aquatic feed, and its most obvious label is the high price and good effect. Although extruded feed has its own weaknesses, it appears as a new product or even a more advanced product, and its impact on the layout of aquatic feed in China cannot be underestimated.

The market for aquatic extruded feed is gradually enlarging. In the transformation and upgrading of the aquaculture industry, the SMEs may once again win the opportunity of customers. If the newcomers can adopt appropriate strategies and seize this opportunity, they may even form a new product alliance, split or even subvert the original markets. So how do aqua feed mill plants make good aquatic extruded feed?

1.Industrialization development of aquatic extruded feed

Industrialization development of aquatic extruded feed

2.The main factors affecting aquatic extruded feed are as follows:

(1) Feed factors: the balance of digestible nutrient content

(2) Feeding management methods: breeding mode, disease control measures, etc.

(3) Physiological status of fish: status of disease occurrence

(4) Impact of water quality: water temperature, salinity, transparency, etc.

1 ton per hour fish feed pellet processing plant cost

3.Selection of raw materials for aquatic extruded feed:

(1)The biological utilization rate of raw materials and the stability of nutrient components (fully considering various variation factors like place of origin, mildew, impurity, etc.).

(2)Safety of raw materials.

(3)Freshness of raw materials.

(4)Aquaculture effect of raw materials.

(5)Processing characteristics of raw materials (whether feed processing technology can make up for some defects of raw materials, such as crushing, superfine pulverizing, pelleting and extruding, fermentation, post-spraying treatment, etc.).

(6)Aquatic feed formula.

(7)The price-performance ratio of raw materials and the stability of market supply and demand.

4.Formula design and optimization of aquatic extruded feed:

(1)Breeding mode (cage breeding, pond breeding, recirculating aquaculture, etc.).

(2)Growing period and season of culture area.

(3)Bioavailability of main feed materials.

(4)The contribution of natural bait should be fully considered during breeding.

floating fish feed plant formulation mill processing equipment

5.Aquatic feed pellet extruder machine series:

(1)2TPH extruder for floating aquatic feed,capacity : 2t/h,main power: 132kw

(2)DSP aquatic feed pellet extruder,capacity 3-4t/h,main power: 132kw

(3)Wet type aquatic fish fodder mill extruder,capacity : 1-1.2t/h,main power: 75kw

(4)Dry type small animal feed extruder machine,capacity : 0.12-0.15t/h,main power: 15kw

6.Best solutions of aquatic fish extruded feed manufacturing plant

(1)fish feed mill business plan

(2)Shrimp Feed pellet feed processing plant with ce

(3)Crab Feed Mill Plant

automatic feed milling machine fish feed line

7.Classic cases of aquatic extruded feed production plants

(1)United Kingdom 100-150KG/H Fish Feed Pellet Production Line

(2)120-150KG/H floating fish feed plant in Puerto Rico

(3)Ecuador 1-2T/H High-end Shrimp Feed Pellet Processing Plant

(4)Bolivia 1T/H computer control feed plant for processing fish feed

(5) Thailand 1T/H fully automatic sinking fish feed plant

(6) Uzbekistan 5T/H sinking fish feed processing line

(7) Ukraine 100-150kg/h floating fish feed extruder machine plant

(8) Uzbekistan 1-1.2T/H aquatic feed production line for floating fish feed

(9) Nigeria 150kg/h fish feed extruder line

(10) Honduras feed production line with small production capacity


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