United Kingdom 100-150KG/H Fish Feed Pellet Production Line

Region: Europe
United Kingdom 100-150KG/H Fish Feed Pellet Production Line

The United Kingdom has a coastline of 10,509 kilometers. It is one of the countries with the longest coastline in the world and one of the major fishing nations in Europe. The ocean around the British Isles is a continental shelf with a depth of less than 200 meters, which is not only suitable for the growth of fish, but also convenient for fishing operations. The twisted coastline of the British Isles makes it a lot of harbors that can be used as anchorages for fishing boats, providing good conditions for the development of fisheries. In Europe, the UK 's aquaculture feed production has always been at the forefront, and its marine aquaculture and aquaculture feed production have also been at the forefront of the world.

Based on the current advancement of aquatic feed technology in the UK, the project customers purchased an aquatic extruded feed production line. The customer's raw materials are corn, wheat, soybean meal, fish meal, black meal, and other grain, and the required pellet size is 2mm, 3mm, 4mm. This is a customized small floating fish feed pellet production line,customer's plant size is 4m*3.5m*4m (L*W *H), the total power is 28.37KW, the main feed processing equipment configured includes fish feed crusher, float fish feed pellet making machine and drying baker. Because the aquatic fish are fed directly, it does not have a packaging system. The installation of this production line only took 3 days, and in the later operation of the production line, only one person is needed, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

The cooperation with the British customer was very pleasant, and the cooperation between us started with trust, because the customer did not visit from the negotiation to the end of the project. After we gave the design scheme, the customer was very satisfied and paid online immediately.Such an experienced breeder chose us, we were very happy, but we were not surprised. Because we have too much experience and successful cases to share, we can say very confidently in the processing of feed pellets: we are experts.

Extruded feed can be divided into three types: floating, slow sinking and rapid sinking according to different processing techniques. At present, about 80% of the fish feed is sinking feed, such as shrimp, salmon, salmon, and yellowtail tuna, which prefers settling feed, while juveniles such as catfish, tilapia prefer floating feed. Catfish and tilapia have the same preference for settling feed and floating feed. In addition, extruded feed can also meet some special requirements, such as low moisture feed, high fiber feed, etc.

The extruded fish feed produced by the client of this project adopts a scientific and advanced formula, designed according to the nutrition, physiology and ecological habits of the fish, and the climatic characteristics of the weather every year. It adds substances that protect the liver, promote the fat metabolism of the fish liver, and improve the growth of the fish. Speed, reduce the feed coefficient of feed. After years of testing and promotion, the fish fed by this customer has a fast growth rate, less disease, good body shape, rich body surface staining and resistance to transportation. Nowadays, our expanded feed processing equipment has been put into use, and in the future we expect more good news from this customer.

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