Bolivia 1T/H Aquatic Feed Pellet Plant

Region: South America
Bolivia 1T/H Aquatic Feed Pellet Plant

Bolivia is a landlocked country with 14,197 square kilometers of water surface and 24,201 square kilometers of pond area. The fishery resources are relatively poor, mainly producing freshwater fish, including gray trout and silverfish. In recent years, the aquaculture industry has been gaining momentum. Bolivia's aquaculture production has been steadily increasing. The current annual output has reached about 500 metric tons. However, the lack of high-quality and efficient aquatic feed has severely restricted the survival and development of the aquaculture industry. Therefore, in order to strengthen the aquaculture industry and develop the feed processing industry, Bolivian customers decided to invest in a fish feed factory.

After many rounds of technical negotiation, production line planning and scheme design, Bolivian customers finally reached a cooperation with Richi. At present, this project is the largest local aquatic feed production project, but the process of this 1 ton fish feed processing project is not complicated, mainly including grinding-dosing-extrusion/pelleting-drying--screening-packaging and other sections. Prime technology equipment:1.High Strength Grain Hammer Mill Machine*22KW, 2. Animal Feed Double Shaft Mixer*1000kg/batch; 3. Bulking machine*75KW; 4. Baking Oven; 5. Spraying Equipment; 6. Packing machine and other auxiliary equipment. After the project was established, Richi dispatched engineers to guide the site planning and leveling, equipment installation and non-standard parts production.

The 1 ton/hour high-grade fish feed production line can produce 50,000 tons of cooked pellet feed and expanded feed. This set of equipment has advanced technology and the production process is currently the most advanced professional aquatic feed processing technology at home and abroad, such as: the most popular product of the special granulator manufatured by Richi; the grease spraying equipment is controlled by the full computer; the crushing equipment is imported patented technology. This production line can produce floating puffed aquatic feed or hard pellets cooked aquatic feed, and the final pellet product of this production line is well-proportioned and has good stability, which is conducive to the growth of cultured animals.

Feed pellet line application

Richi solves the problem of processing high-quality feed pellets with different processes, thereby creating new opportunities and values.

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Wood pellet line application

After 20+ years of development, Richi has become a leader in China's biomass machinery industry, rooted in the construction of the global market.

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