How to ensure the quality of animal feed pellets processed by animal feed pellet making plant line?

The overall quality of the feed pellets is the goal, and the quality system is the machine for quality creation. The quality system of the animal feed pellet making plant mainly includes raw materials, formula, production, inspection, operation, management, environment, mechanism, transportation, use, etc.

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1. Quality assurance of raw materials

The quality of feed ingredients directly affects the sensory quality, safety quality, hygiene quality, technical quality, and nutritional quality of the feed. It is based on this that we grasp the quality of raw materials to grasp the impact of various raw materials on product quality.

It is necessary to study quality monitoring projects for each raw material, and establish a complete and effective inspection program to ensure the quality of raw materials and prevent the occurrence and development of hidden dangers from the source of the product.

Relevant guidelines or procedures shall be prepared for raw material procurement, raw material acceptance, raw material inspection, raw material unloading, raw material storage, raw material acquisition, raw material processing, etc., as work instructions or job instructions.

2. Quality assurance of feed formula

The influence of feed formula on product quality mainly has two aspects. First, the type of raw materials and matching structure of the formula affect the sensory quality and process quality of the product; second, the nutritional technology or scientific level of the formula affects the nutritional quality and performance quality of the product.

Technically speaking, the animal feed pellet formula must be scientific to minimize potential safety hazards; nutritionally speaking, product nutrition must meet the requirements of product quality standards and ensure product performance.

It is necessary to establish feed ormula design, approval, sending and receiving, supervision and other procedures to ensure that the formula does not adversely affect feed product quality.

3. Quality assurance of animal feed production process

Equipment and process in production have a significant impact on product quality, mainly having a decisive impact on the technical quality points and process quality points of the products. On the basis of fully mastering the equipment and technology, we should grasp the production parameters to make the entire feed production line a guarantee for feed production.

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4. Operational quality assurance

From procurement to inspection, from storage to delivery, from feed production to feed packaging, from transportation to use, there is an obvious division of labor in this complete operation chain. Each position requires certain business knowledge and job skills. Each position has a more or less impact on quality control, no matter who is not strict, it will eventually harm product quality.

Education and training are needed for each position. The purpose is to improve the level of product quality by cultivating the business operation ability of each position. In actual work, it is necessary to emphasize the impact of related positions on related quality points, determine the job responsibility of the position for product quality, and link performance appraisal with product quality.

5. Quality assurance of inspection

There is no evaluation without inspection, and no discrimination without evaluation. Behind the phenomenon is the essence, and behind the essence is the data. The laboratory is the eye of the enterprise. The ability of the laboratory is to provide data. Without testing, raw materials, processes, and finished products cannot be tested, and there is no data. What can be used to prove the quality. In the work, according to the needs of the monitoring project, a laboratory construction plan, laboratory technician manual, laboratory management system, etc. are formed. Only when the strength of the laboratory is increased can the quality of raw materials and products be improved, the operation level of each post can be improved, and the internal cooperation of the entire enterprise can be improved. Effective monitoring will promote the construction of quality points, and help find the cause and accountability. Therefore, effective monitoring is often a supplement to effective management.

6. Environmental quality assurance

Environment is part of the platform. Raw material storage requires a storage environment, feed production requires a production environment, equipment operation requires an operating environment, personnel operation requires an operating environment, quality inspection requires an inspection environment, product transportation requires a transportation environment, and product application requires an application environment. Each part has a different degree of influence on the creation or performance of quality.

The focus of work is to control pollution sources in the environment and prevent pollutants from affecting feed quality. It is necessary to establish control measures for pollutants and regularly assess the degree of pollution.

7. Quality assurance of transportation

Raw material input and finished product output are inseparable from transportation. Transportation conditions will more or less cause packaging pollution, damage, leakage, mixing, etc. It is necessary to establish transportation management standards and strengthen management.

8. Quality assurance of use

The performance and quality of feed can only be shown after use. It is necessary to form a product use instruction book to guide customers to use and understand the product.

We should care about the correct usage and feeding conditions of customers. It is necessary for animal feed plant to inspect and guide customers' product use through quality service activities to prevent the negative effects and extent of hidden dangers such as insufficient drinking water, high room temperature, and mold change on the product performance, so as to ensure that the product performance and quality are reflected.

It is necessary to provide guidance to sales personnel and develop a wider range and greater intensity of market services through their use of products, so as to form a situation in which the enterprise is concerned about quality and focuses on quality.

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