How to buy compound feed for feeding animals?

The yellower the feed, the better the quality. Compound feed pays attention to the comprehensiveness and balance of its nutritional components, and the color of feed has no direct relationship with the nutritional value of feed itself. Among plant protein feeds, the color of bean cake is light yellow, and its nutritional value and palatability are relatively good; while the color of vegetable cake and cotton cake is relatively dark, and the palatability is slightly worse. Therefore, some farmers think that the light yellow color of the feed means that the amount of beancake is large and the feed quality is good. In fact, this is a wrong view. In order to pursue high profits, some feed manufacturers take advantage of the masses' mentality of pursuing feed colors and add chemical pigments to their products to expand sales with shoddy products. This will entrap consumers and farmers must be prevented.

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The more fragrant the feed, the better the quality. The odor of compound feed should be based on the inherent odor of the feed itself. Appropriate amount of flavoring agents, such as flavors, sweeteners, and umami agents, should be added to the compound feed to stimulate the appetite of livestock and improve the palatability and feed conversion rate. Promote the growth of pigs. But this only changed the physical properties of the feed, and the nutritional value of the feed itself did not improve. If one-sided pursuit of sensory effects, excessive addition of flavoring agents may cause certain toxic side effects such as salt poisoning, and even reduce the utilization rate of their products.  

The higher the protein content, the better the quality of feed. There must be enough protein feed in the livestock and poultry diet to meet their growth and development needs for a long time, but it is not that the more protein the better. This is because in different growth stages, the body's absorption and utilization of protein are different. If excessive protein is supplied, not only can livestock and poultry not be converted into body protein, but also through a series of operations of the body, and then consumed as energy feed . This is not only a waste of protein feed, but also increases the burden on livestock and poultry kidneys, affecting their health, and the gains outweigh the losses.

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