How to feed tilapia?

Raised tilapia has very strict requirements on feed. From the perspective of fish digestion, the fineness of feed must be high, generally between 40-80 mesh, which is not only beneficial to fish digestion, but also suitable for nutrients absorb. 

business plan on fish feed production

1. Feeding amount   

The feed for tilapia is mainly compound feed. The daily feeding rate is 3%-6% of the total fish weight. The feeding amount should be adjusted according to different seasons, water temperature, water quality and feeding status every day.  

2. Feeding times 

The number of feedings is the number of feedings in a day after the feeding amount is determined. Tilapia is generally fed 4-6 times a day. Frequent feeding is not only labor intensive, but also aggravates the differentiation of fingerling specifications due to the small amount of feeding each time; too many feeding times, each time excessive amount will inevitably increase the loss rate of feed, and also cause Pollution of water quality.

3. Feeding method

There are three main ways to feed feed: hand spreading, feed table and feeding machine. We mainly talk about hand-spreading. The hand-spreading method is simple, flexible, energy-saving and suitable for most fishing grounds. Make a sound before feeding to make the fish conditioned, and then formally feed the fish after 3-5 days. When feeding, start slowly. With the gathering of fish and the increase in preying, the feeding should be speeded up, and the throwing speed should be slowed down when the fish decreases. Therefore, the rhythm of "slow-fast-slow" should be mastered when feeding. And the current events of the feed must be evenly distributed and not piled up.

Feeding generally needs to master the principle of "fixed point, quantitative, timing, and quality". "Fixed point" means that the feeding place is usually fixed at a certain place by the side of the pool, usually on the side of the pool inlet; "Quantity" means that the amount of feed fed must be quantitative, of course, according to different seasons, water temperature, water quality and food intake The condition is reasonable to adjust the feeding amount; the "timing" means that the time of each feeding must be fixed; the "quality" must ensure the quality of the feed, and do not use the rotten feed.

4. Feed the medicine once a month in summer

In summer, the medicine should be fed once a month, and every 15 days during the high temperature period. The medicines to be fed include allicin and enrofloxacin hydrochloride. Mix 20-50 mg of medicine per kilogram of fish body weight into the feed and feed it for three days.

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