Chickens that come out of the cage in 40 days are fed with hormones and high-calorie feed? Can you eat it?

Chicken is white meat in terms of nutrition. It has high protein content and low fat content, so it is highly regarded by people, especially by fitness people. Many parents also buy chicken for their children. However, there are always sayings on the Internet that now chickens can be eaten out of the cage in only 40 days. They are all hormones and feed. Eating them to children will lead to precocious puberty, which is very harmful to the body and tastes bad. Is this statement true? Today we will talk about chicken.

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1. Are the chickens coming out of the cage so quickly because of hormones?

Many people feel that the chickens that used to be raised from hatching to slaughter for consumption at least need to be raised in the first half of the year; but now chickens, which are out of the cage in 40 days, are heavier than artificially raised chickens. Without hormones, how can chickens grow so fast? In fact, this idea is completely misunderstood, because regular farmers do not need to use hormones at all, and "hormone chicken" is just an unrealistic legend.

The fast-growing chickens that we usually call 40 days old are actually "big fast white chickens". They are obtained by breeding and scientific feeding of improved breeds, and have nothing to do with hormones. In fact, hormones are not used as they want, and if hormones are used, the health of chickens will be bad. China has long issued a clear stipulation that the addition of hormone drugs to feed and animal drinking water is prohibited. Violators will be punished.

Of course, some small-scale farms may use hormones due to lack of farming experience and legal awareness. However, this will not only not increase the yield, but also easily lead to the death of a large number of chickens, not to mention the high price of the hormone itself, and the operations of feeding, injection, and subcutaneous embedding are also very troublesome. In general, as long as it is purchased through formal channels, there is no risk of hormone chicken.

2. Chickens grow fast, rely on high-calorie chicken feed?

The chicken grows so fast, in addition to a good selection of breeds, it is also inseparable from scientific feeding. Commercial broilers eat feed. Speaking of this, many people will say that now chickens grow so fast that they are fed some high-calorie feed, which is not good for people. is this real?

In fact, this is also a typical misunderstanding. Of course, chickens must be fed with feed, but the feed that chickens eat is not as simple as high-calorie feed. Scientific feeding must also ensure balanced nutrition. You should know that not only do human babies need to be fed scientifically and have balanced nutrition, but chickens are also the same. With better nutrition, chickens will naturally grow better.

The feed for commercial broilers is not as simple as giving high calories casually, nor is it “sprinkling a handful of rice and eating it yourself” like ordinary rural families. The exquisite and small native chickens in the countryside in your memory are most likely malnourished.

In fact, modern farms have strict requirements on the selection of raw materials, component ratios, manufacturing processes, and feeding schemes for chicken feed. Chickens of different ages must be fed with corresponding feeds to ensure Sufficient and balanced nutrition.

For example, chicks that are just starting to eat generally need to use a "starter" with comprehensive nutrition and a moderate particle size to better adapt to the new environment outside the eggshell. This is like when a human baby first started to eat complementary food. Use mashed meat and get confused to help your baby adapt to food and link chewing ability. After the chicks start to eat, the energy and protein supply must be reduced, and the focus is on ensuring the health of the chicken population; in the end, high-energy and high-protein feed can be provided to increase their weight gain. Therefore, the feed that chickens eat is not as simple as high-energy, but also requires attention to nutrition.

3. What should I do if the fast-growing chicken does not taste good?

Many people will say that the chicken grows too fast, and the texture and taste are not as good as the native chicken. This does make sense. Chickens grow fast, and the deposits of intermuscular fat and certain flavor substances in broilers are less. Therefore, the taste is indeed not as delicate and delicious as the native chicken. However, this is also due to variety improvement and rapid growth.

However, the big reason for this situation is that people's demand for chicken is too high. You know, if the chickens today are still small ones like those in the 1950s, it is estimated that many people will not be able to eat chickens. Moreover, good taste does not mean more nutrition, nor does it mean that there is any special nutrition or effect. For people, this is also a trade-off. Would you like to eat without chicken? Or are you willing to accept this little taste loss?

4.Is it normal for chickens that came out of the cage after 40 days?

Actually, it is normal for broilers to be out of the cage for more than 40 days.

At present, most of the world's commercial broilers are released at 42-48 days old, and the most common is around 45 days old. Let's take a look at the US data. In the 70 years from 1935 to 1995, the age of broiler chickens worldwide has been shortened from 95 days to 40 days, but the weight has increased from 1,300 grams to 2,000 grams. It can be seen that the growth ability of broiler chickens has been increasing, both in size and weight, have been greatly improved.

The situation in China is similar. Since 2005, China's national standard GBT19664-2005 "Technical Regulations for the Production of Commercial Broilers" stipulated that the body weight of broilers at the age of 6 weeks (42 days) is 2420 grams, which is very close to 5 kg. You know, national standards are only the minimum requirements, and this speed is only a basic level, but many of us don't understand it.

Therefore, there is no problem with the chickens that grow fast now. They are breeding and scientifically fed, so you can eat them with confidence. Without them, many of us might not be able to eat chicken.

As can be seen from today's article, chickens out of the cage within 40 days are really not fast. It's just that the previous breeding was really too slow, so at that time I felt very luxurious and happy to have chicken at home. But now chicken is very cheap.

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