For all the newcomers:What knowledge do you need to learn to engage in the chicken industry?

What knowledge do I need to learn to engage in chicken farming? This problem is a concern for many customers who want to enter the chicken farming industry. Although chicken farming is not engaged in scientific research, there are also many things to learn. Chicken farming is not low-level and unskilled. In fact, it is very advanced. There is no way to make money without technology. The following is a brief introduction to what you need to learn to raise chickens for your reference:

Price of setting up a poultry feed plant

1. Policy-related categories

In the past, the general environment of the chicken industry was loose, and you can raise as long as you have a place. However, with the progress of society and the improvement of environmental protection policies, now chicken breeding needs to be approved. Before you want to set up a factory, you should go to the local animal husbandry department to understand clearly. Every place is different, whether it is a restricted area, a farm What are the requirements for address selection and so on, these need to be understood clearly to avoid unnecessary trouble later.

In addition, many countries have corresponding subsidies for the aquaculture industry every year, and some customers must jokingly say that it has nothing to do with themselves, that is not necessarily, it is recommended to learn more.

2. Infrastructure

Infrastructure construction is a large capital investment, including chicken coop construction, road construction, and electric power construction. In addition, some equipment necessary for chicken breeding is also necessary, such as heating equipment, feeding and watering equipment, feed, drugs, etc.

3. Variety selection

The selection of chicken breeds is also very important. The choice of breeds should be based on local dietary habits, such as hens in some places, capers in some places, meat in some places, and body types in some places. Small ones, etc. At the same time, we must choose high-quality chicken breeds with strong disease resistance, egg production or glutinous meat.

4. Feeding and management

This factor can directly affect your cost of raising chickens. If you do not have scientific feeding and management capabilities, it will lead to high feeding costs, and many aspects of feeding management are included. Generally including diagnosis and medication of chicken diseases, sanitation and disinfection of chicken houses, feed allocation, vaccine prevention and so on.

5. Sales channels

Sales is king, whether you are directly retailing or wholesale, whether you are selling online, offline, or a combination of the two; whether you are selling locally, nationwide, or even export sales; if you have a stable customer source or through friends Introduction, these need to be prepared in advance.

6. Anti-fraud tricks

The most important one is that there are cases of fraud in every industry. The industry of chicken farming is no exception, and some chicken farmers are often penniless. When buying things, you often buy fakes, and even when you buy chickens, you often pay for them and do not ship them. When selling chickens, you also need to beware of being deceived. In the past, there were often chickens and old irons who responded to the chicken sellers when they were collecting chickens, either by working on the weight or calculating the wrong account.

Therefore, raising chickens is not easy, not only to learn how to breed, but also to learn how to sell. If you still have doubts, please directly consult Richi Machinery online!

Finally, I will show you several Richi's chicken feed pellet processing plant projects:

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