How much does a chicken farm with 10,000 chickens cost?

How much does a chicken farm with 10,000 chickens cost?Setting a chicken farm, raising 10,000 chickens will cost about 200,000 to 400,000 yuan. The rent will be different in different places, and the cost will be different.

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Based on the calculation of a 10,000 chicken building, it is more cost-effective to use a four-layer stepped laying hen. The size of the chicken coop is 80 meters long, 9 meters wide and 3 meters high. The chicken coop uses different materials.

The construction cost is also different. Generally, there are single-layer colored tiles that use angle steel or galvanized pipes as shelves and are made of 100 yuan/square or less locally. This kind of chicken house has poor corrosion resistance, poor wind resistance, and no heat preservation. It is not suitable for raising chickens in summer and cold in winter.

Generally, the galvanized H-shaped steel is used as the skeleton, and the galvanized C-shaped steel is used as the truss, and the color tiles containing the insulation layer. This light steel structure plus ground cement hardening, side walls, etc., at least one square 300 yuan.

In the layer industry, 10000-50000 chickens are the most competitive. At this stage, the cardinality below 10,000 is relatively large, but those below 5,000 will be gradually withdrawn, but a process is required. Most of the newly built chicken farms will also be close to this area, and the expansion of small households is also moving towards this area.

With 10000-50000 chickens rolling out, most of the houses are economical, the capital investment is at a medium level, the house conditions are relatively good, the management level is relatively high, and the funds are relatively abundant, plus multiple market peaks and Bago's baptism is rich in experience.

Some chicken farmers who have been breeding for more than 10 years or more have accumulated rolling development, experienced breeding experience, and advanced thinking, and the basic scale has been developed to the breeding scale of 10000-50000 chickens.

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