Best selling ce complete sugar cane bagasse pellet production line for fuels energy plant

Sugarcane bagasse are the remaining material after squeezing the sugar, very rough, and the protein and energy content is also very low. In many people's minds, bagasse is waste and cannot be reused. But in fact, we can use bagasse processing equipment to make use of it to make feed for cattle, sheep, and even shrimp feed. But feed is not the only use of bagasse. Bagasse can also be processed into bagasse pellets, which can be used as biomass energy for power generation and heating.Today Richi Machinery will talk about best selling ce complete sugar cane bagasse pellet production line for fuels energy plant.

Best selling ce complete sugar cane bagasse pellet production line for fuels energy plant

There are more than 100 countries produce sugarcane in the world, the largest sugarcane producing country is Brazil, followed by India, China ranked third.Sugarcane, mainly used for producing sugar, is rich in sugar, water, and a variety of vitamins, fats, proteins, organic acids, calcium, iron and other substances that are very beneficial to human metabolism. There are a large number of sugarcane produced in the south of China, so the bagasse here is also in large quantities. In the past, the bagasse is mainly used as boiler fuel to provide energy for sugar production, but the thermal efficiency is very low. Now, we have the biomass pellet fuel and the biomass pellet equipment, so the sugarcane bagasse can be produced as pellet fuel by the sugarcane bagasse pellet mill, that can improve the utilization efficiency of the bagasse.

1. How to make sugar cane bagasse pellets? The following is the processing flow of complete ce sugarcane bagasses biomass pellet production line:

(1) Sieving. Screen out oversized materials and impurities to ensure that the raw materials meet the granulation requirements. Generally between 2-6mm.

(2) Drying. Granulation of bagasse requires that the moisture content be below 20%. Use a dryer to dry the moisture.

(3) Granulation. The key step is completed by the sugar cane bagasse pellet making machine. The granule quality is good and the output is large.

(4) Cooling. Due to the work done by extrusion, the bagasse pellets have a high temperature and need to be cooled before packaging. The counter-current cooler has reasonable design and rapid cooling.

(5) Screening. Through vibrating sieving, qualified bagasse particles are sieved, and other unqualified products are recovered and reused.

(6) Packaging. Automatic measurement, automatic sealing, save time and effort, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

(7) Dust removal. The dust produced in the production process is recycled for granulation, reducing waste and increasing profit.

2.The mainly uses of bagasse in china

CE sugarcane bagasses biomass pellet production line for sale

(1)As the boiler fuel combustion for power generation. The traditional treatment method of bagasse is mainly to provide energy for the production of sugar.

(2)Paper pulping and and paper making. Except for as fuel, the bagasse pulping and paper making is the largest utilization of sugarcane sugar enterprises in China.

(3)Produce artificial board. The chemical composition of bagasse is similar to that of wood, so the bagasse is a kind of good raw material for board making. It is mainly used in furniture, building templates, packaging boxes, sound boxes, and other industries.

3.The problems of comprehensive utilization of bagasse in China

Although the comprehensive utilization of bagasse in China has made a great progress, there are still some deficiencies.

(1)In China, the sugar industry scale is small and the distribution is wide. In some remote area, due to the transportation difficulties, the surplus bagasse could not be used effectively and reasonably, sometimes it even should to be discarded or landfill, that not only caused a second waste and environment pollution, but also affect the energy saving enthusiasm of the sugar factory in these area.

(2)At present, there is a common phenomenon in sugar mill. In the sugar making season,the production always need a lot of firewood. At the same time, there are also a large of bagasse the bagasse residue. The reason is that the sugarcane sugar mill is a seasonal production, before the start of production and shutdown, in order to ensure the safe operation of boiler , the boiler must be slow heating and cooling. In this process, coal and the bagasse which packaged out form the existing packing machine can not meet that requirement, so that must burn firewood to meet the production needs. That not only restricting the energy saving of sugar production, increase the production cost, but also causing the severe damage to the local ecological environment.

(3)Fresh sugarcane bagasses is the irregular loose particles with small density, poor combustion. That is inconvenient to transportation, storage, and the uses of bagasse as biomass energy is restricted.

4.The uses of bagasse pellet in China

The sugarcane has short growth cycle, and rich production. The bagasse is a kind of clean, high quality and sustainable biomass energy, which is rich in fiber, less ash and no SO2. The bagasse pellet is a kind of physical transformation of bagasse biomass energy. After being dried and compressed, the density and durability of bagasse have been improved greatly, that greatly improves the quality of bagasse.

The sugarcane pellet can be used for the following purposes

(1)Replaced the firewood for the sugar mills to solve the contradiction that residue lots of bagasse on the one hand, and burn plenty of firewood on the other hand.

(2)Solved the uses of energy problem for the local residents. In China, most sugarcane sugar mills build in the remote areas, the sugarcane growers lives in there with less power and energy, what they can use as the household energy is the firewood. The bagasse pellet is convenient to transport and storage, which can give the local residents and sugarcane growers enough household energy and fuels, reduce the quantity demand of firewood, protect the ecological environment here, and realize the sustainable development of sugarcane planting.

(3)The sugarcane bagasse pellet can further carbonized processed into charcoal pellet or charcoal briquette to meet the market demand for charcoal.

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