China supplier ce approved 2 ton per hour floating and sinking fish feed pellet making machine for sale

Floating fish feed pellet mill machine or fish food extruder machine?If you want to process floating fish or sink fish feed, which machine would you choose? In terms of trends, the extruded feed is more satisfying. In fact, the fish feed pellet machine can also meet the demand, and the cost of the fish feed pelletizer is lower. In other words, the processing cost of extruded fish feed is higher than the cost of fish feed pellets.

floating fish feed mill plant machine

1. The difference between the extruded fish feed production line and the fish pellet feed production line:

(1) The puffed fish feed Line has secondary superfine pulverization, but the pellets generally do not. Some pellet feeds need to be pulverized twice instead of using the ultrafine pulverizer.

(2) The extruded feed is formed by extrusion, and the composition and operating parameters of the conditioner (steam, moisture, temperature, conditioning time, etc.) are very different from those of the pellet feed conditioner.

(3) The fish feed pellet plant can also produce crumbled feed, while the extruded feed production line is rarely used to produce crumbled feed.

The main difference between the fish pellet feed machine and the extruder for fish food is on the main machine. As for the crushing section, quenching and tempering section, and the drying, cooling, and post-curing systems after granulation, both types of fish pellet production line and fish feed extruder plant are available. The pellet temperature of the pellet machine is low. A lot of steam can be added in the main machine of the extruder, so the temperature can be increased. It is generally believed that the maturation of the extruded feed is relatively completely matured.

In general, a good pellet feed is better than many extruded feeds; in addition, depending on the comprehensive breeding benefits, the processing cost of pellets is much lower than the cost of extruded feeds. If you process high-end aquatic feeds, the fish feed extruder machine still has certain advantages. . In the short term, many customers who process fish feed are consulting fish feed pellet machines. Among them, the 2 ton per hour floating and sinking fish feed pellet making machine is the most popular. Today, Richi Machinery will tell you in detail.

2、China supplier 2 ton per hour floating and sinking fish feed pellet making machine for sale

floating fish feed mill machine for sale

Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturer of feed pellet machines and extruders from China. It can provide 1-45 tons/hour fish feed processing equipment . If you are looking for China supplier 2 ton per hour floating and sinking fish feed pellet mill, then we recommend SZLH series floating fish sinking fish shrimp feed pellet mill machine:

(1)Equipment advantages

①High output and long service time

②Produce high-quality sinking and floating fish shrimp feed.

③Service time of the die with hole diameter Ø1.8mm is up to 8500t, with continuous production of 2500h and output of over 4.5t.

④Double-layer jacket insulation conditioner and double-shaft differential conditioner.

⑤Optional hygienic conditioner, better maturing performance.

⑥The reverse opening structure and improved cutter make the cutting more convenient and improve the quality of feed incision.

⑦Equipped with pneumatic external discharging structure, realize automatic external discharging when it is blocked or overloading of the main motor current.

⑨The improved feeding scraper divides material into two pressing areas, ensuring smooth discharging and stable operation.

(2)CE approved SZLH series floating and sinking fish feed compress pellet making machine

floating fish feed mill plant machine

Type   Customized SZLH558 fish pellet machine Customized SZLH678 fish feed pellet machine Customized SZLH768 fish feed pellet mill machine Customized SZLH858 fish pellet making machine
Main power(kw)   90/110 110/132   132/160   160/180
Production capacity(t/h)   0.8-3   1.5-4  2-5 3-7

This article is about China CE certificate fish food animal feed pellet mills.You can directly consult Richi Machinery for more questions about"turkey floating fish feed machine"" how to make fish feed"" customized fish feed mill plant""shrimp feed processing line",Email:,Whatsapp/Cel: +86 185 7410 3366

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