I heard that chicken manure can also be used as a raw material for cattle feed. Is it true?

Yes, it's true. Chicken manure is a good raw materials for cattle feed, sheep feed, chicken feed, pig feed, and fish feed.The method of processing chicken manure into feed:

(1) Dehydrate it in the sun or with a dryer to make it dry manure;

(2) Silage fermentation, mix 70% of fresh chicken manure, 20% of hay powder, and 10% of bran, mix well, put it into a tank or pool, compact and seal it, and take it out for feed after 20 days . According to analysis, in the dry chicken manure, water content is 11.4%, crude protein is 28.7%, crude fiber is 13.9%, calcium is 7.8%, and phosphorus is 2.1%.

Is there any chicken feed formula for layers?
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