What's the meaning of GJ? What's the calorific value of wood pellets?

GJ is international heat unit. The basic unit is J (joules). There are also extension unit including MJ and GJ.

1GJ=1000MJ, 1MJ=1000J

1 kcal = 1000 cal= 4186.8 J = 4.1868 KJ

1000 kcal = 4.1868 MJ, 10000 kcal = 41.868 MJ

1GJ=1000MJ=238845.9 kcal

1GJ is the equivalent of the calorific value of burning 55.55kg, 4300 kcal coal. (4300 kcal/kg coal also means 18MJ/kg )

The calorific value of several fuels:

Gas: 8600 kcal/m3, the equivalent of 36 MJ/m3

Liquefied petroleum gas: 11000 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 46 MJ/kg

Automotive diesel fuel: 12000 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 50.24 MJ/kg

Motor gasoline: 10800 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 45.22 MJ/kg

Wood pellets: 4300 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 18 MJ/kg

Straw pellets: 3700 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 15.49 MJ/kg

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