The operating procedure for silage

1. Harvest: silage corn and cereal crops. Harvest time is from Suckling stage to wax-ripening stage.Grasses were heading stage;Legume herbage is the flowering stage of present bud.

2.Transportation: The harvested silage shall be delivered to the silo in time. 

3. Chopping and cellaring: the silage shredder is used to cut the silage into 2-5 cm grass sections. The storage materials should be cut and installed and stepped firmly, and stepped firmly every time the pile is about 30 cm high. , Especially to step on the edge, the filling volume should be 30 cm higher than the pit opening, and a layer of straws should be tightly placed on the top, and then covered with plastic film.

4. Cover the soil and seal: Cover the soil immediately after covering with the plastic film. The height of the cover is 30-50 cm. Use a shovel to pat the soil surface to form an inverted bottom shape to facilitate drainage.

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