What is the profit of raising a cow?

Beginning in 2021, many friends who plan to invest in the cattle-raising industry generally have this question: What is the profit of raising a cow? Today RICHI will use the current bull market to give you a good calculation! (Take the Chinese market as an example)

When buying cattle, it is recommended that you buy good breed cattle of about 500 kilograms, for example: Simmental third or fourth generation, Limousin, Charolais.

The reason is that 500 cattles have good physique. After they are bought, they can go directly to fattening after making a stress transition. Cattle that are too small are more stressed during transportation and are prone to illness.

cattle feed making manfacturing plant design

Let's take 500 catties of cattle as an example:

500 catties of cattle are fattened, generally up to 1,500 catties. If the feed nutrition can keep up with the feeding and management, it can be released in 10 months.

1. The cost of buying a cow: 13,000 yuan

2. Cost of cattle concentrated feed: 4440 yuan

(Calculated based on 1%-1.4% of each cow's body weight, calculated at an average of 1.2%, the whole feeding process takes about 10 months, and the amount of concentrate needs about 1850kg, which is calculated at 2.4 yuan per kg. Equal to 4440 yuan)

3. Hay price: 1400 yuan

(A cow costs about 2 tons of hay, based on 700 yuan per ton of hay, the cost is about 1,400 yuan)

4. Vaccine and water and electricity costs: 500 yuan

5. According to the current market price of 15.7 yuan per catty, 1500 catties of cattle can be sold: 23550 yuan

Then it can be calculated: the profit of a cow = 23,550 yuan-13,000 yuan-4440 yuan-1,400 yuan-500 yuan = 4,210 yuan

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