How much does it cost to build a small cattle farm with 20 cattle?

How much is the cost for building a small cattle farm with 20 cattle? Cattle raising is a high-input industry. Even though the price of calves has fallen slightly now, a fine-bred male calf of about 400 catties still costs more than 12,000 yuan. The answer below will give a detailed introduction of the capital needed to build a cattle farm and raise cattle. Issues that need attention at the beginning. (Due to the large differences between countries in the world, the investment cost provided in this article is based on the market situation of China's cattle industry)

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1. The cost of building a cattle farm

Raising a small number of cattle is definitely not a cattle farm. We will use the minimum standard of 20 cattle for a cattle farm to calculate, depending on the funds required.

(1) Cowshed construction. In the early stage of raising cattle, it is not necessary to invest too much in the cowshed. Save the investment in the construction of the cowshed as much as possible. You can build it as much as you can save money and trouble. However, various basic functions must be indispensable, such as shelter from wind, rain, sun, and ventilation. Good etc. It takes about 80 square meters of cowshed for 20 cows. If you buy the materials and build it easily, you can get 10,000 yuan. It is generally not more than 20,000 yuan to find someone to build a simple cowshed.

(2) Introduce breeds and purchase cattle. This is a big investment in the process of raising cattle. Now 400 catties of fine-bred male calves still cost more than 12,500 yuan on average. After including some expenses such as intermediary fees and transportation fees, it will cost almost 13,000 yuan to introduce them to the home and buy 20 heads. The calf will cost 260,000 yuan. Don't feel that calves are expensive. Now the price of high-quality calves in the country is not much different, even if the calves of better soil hybrids over 400 catties cost more than 8,000 yuan.

(3) Cattle feed cost. From the beginning of raising calves to more than 1,300 catties, at least 12,000 catties of silage corn stalks and more than 3,000 catties of concentrated feed will be consumed during this period. The silage corn stalks cost about 0.1 yuan/kg, while the cost of concentrated feed is 1.4 yuan/kg. , 20 cows need at least 108,000 yuan in feed costs.

(4) Other costs. The expenses for epidemic prevention, medicine, water and electricity, etc. for 20 cows are at least 5,000 yuan.

In general, raising 20 cows requires an investment of at least 400,000 yuan. Starting a business in the countryside should be considered a relatively large investment.

2. Problems that need attention in the early stage of cattle raising

Raising cattle is not only expensive, but also not easy to raise. Many novices enter into various misunderstandings when raising cattle, which leads to failure of cattle raising and even bankruptcy. There are many problems that novices need to pay attention to when raising cattle.

(1) Pick a calf. Nowadays, the price of calves is relatively high, and the calves on the market are also uneven. The sellers are also both good and bad. For example, using a 300-jin calf to pretend to be a 400-jin calf, Xiao Bai, who doesn’t know anything about raising cattle, doesn’t at all. The weight of a cow is a few thousand yuan if it is a hundred catties difference. In addition, there may be problems with the health of the cow. The cow dealer will put some problems in the herd. If you don't observe it carefully, you can't find it. When you go out to buy cattle, you must carefully select the calves, watch and buy carefully, and it is best to bring a knowledgeable person to help select the cattle.

(2) Feeding transition. After the cattle are bought, they are affected by factors such as transportation stress, environmental changes, and changes in feeding management. It is very difficult to raise them. In mild cases, they may suffer from loss of appetite and poor spirits. In severe cases, cattle may have cough, fever, and diarrhea. And other issues. After the cattle are bought back, they must strengthen the feeding transition. Add electrolytic multi-dimensional to relieve stress in the drinking water, feed high-quality green hay to the cattle, and then gradually increase the amount of feed until normal feeding.

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(3) Strengthen epidemic prevention. Regardless of whether the cattle you bought have been quarantined or not, you must strengthen the quarantine after you buy them, especially the foot-and-mouth disease vaccine. If there is no problem 10~15 days after the cattle are purchased, the whole group should be immunized with a foot-and-mouth disease vaccine once. At the same time, a multivalent vaccine should be selected as much as possible. Because there are many foot-and-mouth disease strains and it is difficult to form cross-immunization, only injection of multivalent foot-and-mouth disease Vaccines can form a good immune effect.

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