Scientific feeding method of fish feed

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1. Fish Pellet feed

The diameter of pelleted fish feed is usually 2.5~8.0 mm and the length is 5~10 mm, which can be directly fed. If the feed is damp, do not feed it directly, dry it or dry it before feeding it; if the feed has deteriorated, it should not be fed again to prevent fish poisoning after eating.

2. Fish Cake feed

The cake feed should be crushed, soaked, and grinded to feed small fish. Feed the medium to large fish to soak them.

3. Fish Grain feed

Big grains such as corn should be processed and crushed and fed to fish; small grains, such as grains, can be fed to fish after germinating. The young grains and white sprouts have high nutritional value and are easy to digest and absorbed by fish. , Fast weight gain.

4. Fish Green feed

Middle to big fish generally can feed the green feed directly after removing the soil; feeding small fish should be chopped or beaten, then add 0.2% salt, mix well, and sprinkle it. Chop the green feed and cook it. Stir in appropriate amount of bran and soda. Small fish like to eat.

5.Fish Chaff feed

When feeding small fish, the glutinous rice feed should be soaked and refined; when feeding medium to large fish, it should be fermented until it has a wine aroma. In the initial feeding, feed a small amount first, and then gradually increase the amount, but it should not exceed 30% of the total daily feed.

6. Fish Protein feed

Earthworms, fly maggots, insects, etc. are all high-quality animal protein feeds for fish, which can be fed directly or dried into powder and then combined with other feeds to feed fish. For block-shaped animal feed, it should be chopped and ground finely, and a binder should be added to make it into small pellets for feeding.

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