What are the most common grass and fodder for raising sheep in rural areas?

What are the most common grass and fodder for raising sheep in rural areas? Raising sheep in rural areas is not like raising sheep professionally and does not need to plant professional forage. Raising sheep in rural areas is the use of weed resources and crop scraps that are unique in rural areas as forage and fodder. In the green grass season, grazing is all-weather, and in the dry season, grazing is half-grazing, half-eating dry forage, that is, agricultural waste.

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1. Spring, summer and autumn are mainly grazing. Raising sheep in rural areas, in early spring, that is, before the Qingming Festival, most weeds are in the budding stage, and grazing can only eat some small weeds that creep on the ground through the winter. Sheep grazing for a day, but still can't eat enough. After returning to the pen at night, add some dry storage crop leftovers, such as sweet potato vines, soybean stalks, peanuts, straw and so on. In summer and autumn, the grass source is abundant, and every day is full of food, which is an important season for gaining fat and weight. The four seasons of the year, and only in summer and autumn, are lush pastures, abundant water plants, and suitable temperatures. This is the time when the flocks urge their fattening and gain the fastest growth. In the grass season, sheep’s favorite weeds are fresh annual or perennial grass weeds, most broad-leaved weeds, and fresh leaves. Therefore, sheep in the countryside, people call it "Baicao sheep". This means that sheep have a wide range of food habits. As long as there are no special smelling weeds and toxic weeds, all other weeds, as long as they are fresh and tender, are favorites of sheep.

2. In winter, the dry grass season is mainly supplemented by grazing, and mainly fed with dry storage forage. In winter, there are only some wild creeping plants with good cold resistance, small plants of weeds, and sheep rely on grazing, making it difficult to eat all day long. Therefore, when returning to grazing, add an appropriate amount of dry storage forage to the sheep, such as dried straw, dried sweet potato vines, dried soybean stalks, silage dried corn leaves, dried peanuts, wheat stalks and so on. In winter, you can also feed edible cabbage, turnip vegetables, and edible fruits and vegetables.

In short, farming sheep in rural areas does not require professional planting of pastures. The rich natural resources of rural weeds and crop scraps can be fully utilized to basically meet the needs of raising sheep.

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