How to use feed additives to improve the quality of chicken and enhance the flavor of chicken?

Adding 10-20mg of soy isoflavones per kilogram of diet for broiler chickens can improve the meat color, water content and pH of the broiler chicken, prevent muscle oxidation during storage, delay the rapid decline of muscle pH after slaughter, and prevent poor-quality meat produce.

how to make chicken feed pellets for broilers

Adding 600-2700mg betaine per kilogram of diet for broilers can increase the content of creatine, creatinine, inosinic acid and other flavor precursors and myoglobin in the chicken, and improve the flavor and color of the chicken. Adding 50-100 mg of L-carnitine per kilogram of diet can increase the redness value, inosinic acid and crude fat content of breast muscles, and improve the color and flavor of chicken meat.

Adding 200-300 mg of tea polyphenols per kilogram of diet can improve the antioxidant capacity of chicken, reduce the drip loss of chicken, and reduce storage loss. Adding 500 mg of sugar terpenes per kilogram of diet can reduce the drip loss, brightness value and yellowness value of broiler's breast muscles, increase the redness value and inosinic acid content, increase the water power of the chicken system, and improve the color and flavor of the meat.

Adding pyruvate to broiler diets before slaughter can delay the decrease of muscle pH after slaughter and reduce muscle drip loss.

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