How to use chicken intestines as feed?

Now there are many farmers, and everyone is facing the development and utilization of by-products. After reasonable processing, chicken intestines can be made into feed and sold to increase farmers' income.

feed production equipment for animal feed

1. Equipment required: dryer, powder extracting machine, cooking tank

2. Processing method:

(1) Classification of raw materials

Using chicken intestines as raw materials is for the development of by-products made in the breeding industry, processing them into feed, and classifying them when collecting raw materials. Because the degree of dryness and wetness of chicken intestines sent by each farmer is different, they should be stored separately, Processing, otherwise the raw materials will deteriorate after mixing and affect feed processing.

(2) Grease separation

The most important point in the production process of chicken intestine feed is to separate the fat contained in the chicken intestine from the solid feed. The fat is separated by steam heating, leaving solid raw materials. If the fat is not effectively separated, The feed will have quality problems. At the same time, pay attention to the safe handling of the separated grease and avoid pollution.

(3) Drying and crushing

After separating the grease, the raw materials should be dried and crushed to make them basically shaped. Make sure that the grease is separated cleanly before drying, otherwise, the raw materials after drying will also contain a certain amount of grease, which is not easy to be crushed into powder, and will become oily and sticky, which is difficult to handle.

(4) Wet and dry are different

The dry and wet conditions of chicken intestines determine the different methods of making processed feed. Dry processing is to mash the chicken intestines and separate the fat by steam heating; for wet ones, the liquid fat and solid raw materials are separated by steam heating, and both work The procedure is different, but the purpose is the same.

(5) Mixing

Chicken intestines can be used as feed, and other conventional feeds can also be added. The two are mixed and processed to achieve a balance between cost and sales. Note that chicken intestines should be added with other feeds when they are basically made into products to facilitate mixing.

(6) Pay attention to hygiene

There will inevitably be pathogens in the internal organs of animals. The high temperature during processing will disinfect the raw materials and kill some hidden pathogens. Therefore, care must be taken to maintain environmental hygiene in all aspects of raw material storage, processing, storage and sales. And work and operation hygiene.

(7) Make a save

The feed produced in strict accordance with the required procedures during the processing process is relatively dry, less oily, and easier to store. It only needs to be taken care of. If there is a problem with processing, remedial measures should be taken to avoid improper storage affecting product sales.

3. Matters needing attention

(1) Do a good job in hygiene protection

(2) The processing and production shall be carried out according to the specifications

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