Factors affecting the accuracy of electronic belt packing scales in animal feed processing plant

The electronic belt packing scale is an automatic weighing instrument for continuous cumulative measurement. The structure of the automatic packaging scale mainly consists of three parts: scale frame, sensor (weighing sensor and speed sensor), weighing display control instrument.

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1. Reasons for the error of the electronic packing scale:

(1) The error of the electronic belt scale itself, the accuracy of the electronic belt scale is divided into three levels: 0.5 (the error rate is 5‰ of the total weight), level 1 (the error rate is 10‰ of the total weight), and the (The error rate is 20‰) For example, if a 0.5-level belt scale weighs 100 tons of goods per hour, its error is no more than 0.5 tons. The maximum error of 2400 tons a day is 12 tons. This is only the highest error when the belt scale is installed, checked, and used.

(2) Equipment and equipment installation, the electronic belt scale should consider the maximum weighing and be equipped with the corresponding sensor in the selection, because the effective weighing range of the belt scale is 20%-100% of the maximum weighing of the scale. If there is a mistake in the selection, the error will be even greater. The bagging equipment shall be installed in strict accordance with the installation requirements during installation, and necessary adjustments shall be made after installation to ensure that there is no excessive tare weight fluctuation when the empty belt is running, which may cause failure to peel and affect accuracy.

(3) Verification error and error in actual use. The verification time is relatively short, the number of verifications of a single belt scale is relatively small, and the equipment itself has relatively small errors. Therefore, it is not certain that each verification and verification can achieve error-free results. The accuracy is only relative rather than absolute; In actual use, it is continuous, so there are some variables, such as the increase in the tare weight of the belt due to the moisture of the material, the increase in the tare weight of the belt sticky material cleaning, the change in the weight of the material in the gap between the weighing frame, and the sticky material skin of the weighing frame Some factors such as weight increase will affect the accuracy of the automatic belt bagging machine, thereby increasing the error value.

(4) Severe wear of the weighing roller or damage to the roller bearing and deformation of the weighing frame will affect the accuracy of the belt type automatic packing machine in animal feed pellet making plant.

2. How to ensure the normal operation of belt packing machine?

(1) There must be someone responsible for the daily inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the belt scale, and be familiar with the equipment structure to master the troubleshooting methods.

(2) Pay attention to whether the materials are uniform during operation.

(3) Pay attention to prevent belt running and material leakage.

(4) The main components of the belt scale are frequently checked to ensure that they are not affected by humans.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to stand on the scale body or be subjected to other external forces, especially when replacing the belt, to prevent damage to the sensor or deformation of the scale frame.

(6) Frequently check the belt idler and prevent belt deviation to ensure good operation.

(7) Frequently remove dust and foreign objects on the scale frame to ensure that the sensor is clean.

(8) Always check whether the connection line of the scale body is normal to prevent damage from being affected by other electromagnetic interference.

3.RICHI Product introduction of Automatic Packing Scale

(1)The reasonable feeding structure ensures smooth flowing of materials.

(2)All parameters can be input by the panel.

(3)Automatic control of fast/slow feeding, bag clamping and loosening.

(4)Gross weight and net weight displayed at the same time by the intelligent weighing meter.

(5)Remove tare weight automatically.

(6)Check and amend weighing error automatically.

(7)Accumulated bag number display.

(8)Equipped with air suction port to control dust and improve the working condition.

Model DCS-C50/D DCS-A50/D DCS-B50/D DCS-B50/S DCS-A50/Y
Application Pellet Powder Pellet/Powder Pellet/Powder Premix
Feeding Method Gravity Screw Belt Belt Screw
Speed 6-8bags/min 6-8bags/min 6-8bags/min 10-12bags/min 6-8bags/min
Powder 1.1kw 3kw 3kw 5kw 3kw
Precision static±0.1% dynamic±0.2% static±0.1% dynamic±0.2% static±0.1% dynamic±0.2% static±0.1% dynamic±0.2% static±0.1% dynamic±0.2%
Temperature Range -10~40℃ -10~40℃ -10~40℃ -10~40℃ -10~40℃
Air Source 0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h 0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h 0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h 0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h 0.4-0.6MPa 1.5m3/h

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