Analysis and elimination of common faults of animal feed mixer machine

The animal feed mixer plays a pivotal role in feed production. It can be said that no matter how advanced the technology is, the batching system will become meaningless without the feed mixer. Therefore, the quality of the mixer is directly related to the survival of the feed mill.

So what are the factors that determine the quality of mixing? It is mainly mixing uniformity, so what are the factors that affect mixing uniformity? The first is the structure of the mixing machine; the second is the leakage; the third is the mixing time; the fourth is the residue; the fifth is the composition of the raw materials.

Double Shaft Paddle Horizontal Feed Mixer

1. The structure of the feed mixer

The mixer machine for animal feed is composed of a casing, a rotor, a discharge door, and a motor. The structure of its rotor determines the principle of mixing. This can be fully illustrated by the different mixers produced by our company in different periods. For example, the HJJ ​​type produced during the National Sixth Five-Year Plan, the rotor structure is an internal and external reverse double spiral, and its mixing principle is material convection. At present, RICHI adopts the advanced model SLHY. In addition to convection, the rotor of this model also incorporates the principle of turning.

The structure of the spiral ribbon is a reverse single spiral. Besides, the two-shaft paddle mixer, which is currently the most popular among users in China, has changed the mixing principle of the past; it is directly rotated by the blades of different angles on the two main shafts. Under the action, the materials are scattered and mixed overlappingly, which enables the materials to be completely mixed more fully and effectively, thereby greatly improving the uniformity of mixing. The CV value ranges from ≤10% of HJJ to ≤7% of SLHY to ≤5% of biaxial, which fully shows that the structure is the key to changing the uniformity.

2. Leakage of the mixer

Because the feed powder mixer is a device that seals and mixes the materials precisely prepared by the ingredient scale. Therefore, leakage during mixing will directly reduce the uniformity of mixing. Change the feed formula, so the leakage problem is the enemy of the mixer. However, due to the frequent opening and closing of the mixer's door and the fineness of the material, the mixer leakage occurs frequently in the feed factory.

So what are the factors that cause material leakage in the mixer? To solve this problem, we should first understand the structure of the discharge gate.

When the door is mixed, the sealing strip should be close to the periphery of the discharge door. The opening and closing of the discharge door is mainly realized by the cylinder through the linkage mechanism (sometimes customized as an electric push rod by the customer). The pressure of the cylinder must be large enough or the discharge door cannot achieve the sealing effect, resulting in material leakage.

1t/h animal feed crushing and mixer machine for sale

3. Mixing time

The mixing time is mainly determined according to the different materials of different feed factories. The time given in the product manual of our mixer is only a reference time.

4. Residual amount of mixer

The residue of the mixer refers to the undischarged part of the mixer that remains inside the body after discharge. This part of the material is mainly determined by the gap between the rotor and the machine slot and the size of the discharge door. This is mainly determined by the manufacturing quality and maintenance. It's more difficult to get up. As a user manufacturer, of course, I hope that as few as possible, it is unavoidable as a production unit. On this point, China has regulations that require ≤2' (the raw material is corn, and the particle size is φ2)

5. Maintenance and maintenance of the mixer

(1) The discharge door mechanism should be flexible in movement, and the equipment dust should be removed frequently.

(2) Each bearing should be replaced with grease regularly, and the grease should be sodium-based grease.

(3) The transmission chain should be brushed with 30# mechanical oil, and the chain should be cleaned regularly.

(4) Cycloid pin wheel reducer has been injected with sodium-based grease when leaving the factory. Customers should be careful not to add additional mechanical oil when using it. The grease should be replaced after 1000 hours of operation.

(5) The oil mist on the pneumatic connecting parts should be added in time. The oil mist should be sewing machine oil or transformer oil, and the water collection cup should be drained frequently.

(6) Frequently check whether the discharge door is leaking.

(7) If there is any foreign matter in the mixer, it should be shut down immediately for removal.

Richi Machinery powder feed mixing machine for animal feed:

1.SLHY Horizontal single shaft double ribbon mixer(250KG/BATCH)

2.SLHJ single-shaft 500kg/batch animal feed mixer(500KG/BATCH)

3.SLHSJ Animal Feed Double Shaft Mixer(500KG/BATCH)

4.SLHJ Stainless Steel Feed Mixer(1000KG/BATCH)

5.SLHY Farms Used Animal Feed Mixing Machine(1500KG/BATCH)

6.SLHY Big capacity feed mixer(2000KG/BATCH)

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