How does animal feed manufacturing plant process premix feed?

Premix feed is a homogeneous mixture of multiple additives of the same type or different types of multiple additives formulated in a certain ratio. According to the application, the premix feed can be divided into chicken premix feed, pig premix feed, cattle premix feed, duck premix feed, sheep premix feed, rabbit premix feed, fish premix feed, shrimp premix feed, etc.

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Although animal premix feed accounts for a small proportion of full-price feed, it plays an extremely important role in the feeding effect of full-price feed. Scientific premix feed formula is the key to premix production. To produce high-quality premixes requires not only scientific formulas, but also high-quality raw materials, sophisticated equipment and processes and a complete set of management measures.

Premix is ​​not a simple commodity, but a very high-tech technology, which is a comprehensive manifestation of raw material quality testing, nutrition formula design, livestock and poultry breeding management and other technologies. In order to further promote and popularize the premix feed technology, today Richi Machinery will briefly introduce the premix feed production technology.

1. The production purpose of pre-mixed feed

The production purpose of premix is ​​to dilute and expand the trace component additives, and then the active ingredients in them are evenly dispersed in the compound feed. The premix can be produced by a manufacturer that specializes in producing such products, or it can be produced in a special production workshop attached to the compound feed factory.

2. Features of premix:

①Complex composition. Premixes of good quality generally include 6, 7 trace elements, more than 15 vitamins, 2 amino acids, 1 to 2 drugs and other additives (antioxidants and mildew inhibitors, etc.), and the nature of various feed additives The functions are different and the compatibility relationship is complicated;

②The dosage is small and the effect is big. Generally, the proportion of premixed materials in compound feed is 0.5% to 5%. Although the amount is small, it has a great effect on the improvement of animal production performance, feed conversion rate and feed preservation;

③Do not feed directly. The concentration of the active ingredient of the additive in the premix is ​​very high, generally tens to hundreds of times the amount required by the animal, if directly fed, it is easy to cause animal poisoning.

3. The role of premix:

①The trace ingredients of additives can be evenly distributed in the compound feed;

②Pre-mixing process to compensate and improve the undesirable characteristics of trace components, such as instability, water absorption, electrostatic adsorption, etc.;

③Standardize the level of additives;

④ Simplify the production process of general feed processing plants and reduce investment.

4. Process flow of premix feed processing line plant

premix feed plant manufactures from china

(1) Raw Material Pre-treatment

① The pretreatment of sulfate firstly undergoes drying and anti-caking treatment. When possible, coating can be applied to establish a "water barrier”, such as the use of mineral oil or complex compounds.

② Pre-treatment of selenate, iodized salt and drilled salt Use absorbent balance method, dissolve it in water 1 Spray on the carrier for pre-mixing.

③ Vitamin pretreatment adopts emulsification or coating or adsorption premixing method.

(2) Batching process(use rotary distributor)

The batching process determines the amount added in each batch. Weighing with batching scale, the accuracy of the microelements is less than 0.1% error, the vitamin is in the range of 0.01-0.03%, and each batch of records is made.

(3) Mixing process(use stainless mixer)

Put the weighed raw materials into the mixer in order from more to less, the mixing time T=15-30min, and its C.V≤5%.

(4) Packing and storage(use packing machine)

Divide the mixed products into large packages or small packages, and store them in separate categories, and store them under the conditions of ventilation, drying, low temperature heat insulation, and light protection.

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