The secret of winter pig farm profit——control the humidity of the pig house

Pig farm management must control three degrees: temperature, humidity, and density. Today we mainly discuss the control of humidity in the pig house.

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1. The harm of excessive humidity in the pig house  

(1) Conducive to the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria, molds, and parasites, and easily induce skin diseases in pigs;

(2) Increasing cold and heat stress, this is the main hazard. Therefore, the pig farm must control the humidity of the pig house.     

Of course, the humidity in the house is not as low as possible. If the humidity is too low, pigs are prone to respiratory diseases. However, the water consumption of the pig farm is large, and the general pig farm will not have the problem of too low humidity. The main problem is the high humidity in the pig house.   

2. Solution 

(1) Improve ventilation efficiency

①Raise the farrowing bed: keep the piglets away from the wet ground, the impact of moisture will be much smaller;

②Increase the window area: increase the ventilation inside and outside the house;

③Add floor windows: Compared with the windows above, the effect of floor windows is more obvious, because the wind through the floor windows directly blows to the ground, which makes it easier to evaporate water;

④Using a fan: the fan can increase the air flow; this method works very well when used in the empty house. We used a large fan to blow day and night when the nursery was unable to dry, which quickly dried the nursery. 

(2) Use dry thermal insulation materials  

When the large environment in the house is not easy to control, simply providing the piglets with a local microclimate can also have a good effect. The method is to often dry the wooden slabs laid by the piglets in the stove, or give the piglets a few days before birth Dry cloth or carpets, etc., so that the piglets avoid lying on the wet floor, and have a certain effect on preventing piglet diarrhea.  

(3) Keep the ground level and free from water and urine 

Clean the pens frequently and spray dry powder 1-2 times a week to keep the floor clean and dry.  

(4) Use water-saving equipment to reduce water waste 

Duckbill drinker, drinking bowl, water level controller and other equipment can be used.  

(5) Avoid using liquid disinfectants to disinfect pigs in the house  

Reduce the number of circle flushes and avoid using liquid disinfectants to disinfect pigs in the house. Use smoke powder to reduce ammonia, deodorize and inhibit bacteria.

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