How to create competitive advantages in the pig feed manufacuring industry?(Pig feed line plan design)

Recently, pork price has continued to rise, contracting considerable attention from all walks of life. The price rise of pork is mainly due to the African swine fever epidemic and the “Pig Cycle”. In May 2018, the price of pigs fell to a low point in the cycle and entered a new round of rising, coupled with the impact of African swine fever, so there is a shortage of pigs across the country and the pork price is rising rapidly.

Under the current severe situation, in the upstream of pig breeding industry chain, how can animal feed factories achieve the production of safe feed, seek development opportunities, reduce costs and improve efficiency, and create a differentiated competitive advantage in the feed industry?

Over the years, Richi Machinery has accumulated rich experience in machinery manufacturing, technological innovation and feed formula design. Facing the current situation of feed industry, Richi Machinery has put forward a systematic solution to prevent and control African swine fever and improve feed quality.

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1.Plan A: with expanding process for more than 3 minutes (above 100℃), the African swine fever virus of all the raw materials will be killed under high temperature and high pressure. (If meat and bone meal, pig-blood powder, SDPP are used in the raw materials, they can be processed to effectively kill the virus). After cooling, crushing, the secondary batching, mixing, and pelleting at low temperature, the pig feed pellets will be soft, crisp, and sweet, and the palatability will be improved.

2.Plan B: add the feed extruder in the to be granulated bin. All the raw materials are mixed and then expanded for more than 3 minutes (above 100℃). After being crushed under high temperature and pressure, they will be directly granulated. The gelatinization degree of feed can reach more than 35%, which can effectively kill African swine fever virus and improve the palatability.

3.Plan C: replace pig feed pellet mill machine with pig feed extruder machine, the crushed biscuit feed can be directly used(instead of pellet feed).

At present, the prevention and control of African swine fever in China has achieved strategic achievement. Nevertheless, the situation is still complicated, and there is a long way to go against African swine fever. Richi Machinery will provide stable and reliable pig feed pellet manufacuring process technology and pig feed processing equipment for pig feed mill plants, control feed safety from the source, help pig feed making factories to reduce costs and improve efficiency, create a differentiated competitive advantage in the industry, and promote the long-term development of the agriculture and animal husbandry feed industry.

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