Dear?my inquiry about the cow and hen feed pellet production line.i need one hen feed pellet production line 5T/H,and one cow feed pellet production line 5T/H.

Original customer question:

"Dear RICHI?

my inquiry about the cow and hen feed pellet production line.

i need one hen feed pellet production line 5T/H.

i need one cow feed pellet production line 5T/H.

Production: to make feed pellets (Corn,soya ,wheat is my raw materials) 

the number of hours of work is 5 hours a day.

the voltage here is 380V,50Hz,3Phase. 

how many workers is necessary?

How many space for this instalation?

I want storage silos 22 days of production.Thank you in advance.”

Reply from RICHI:

According to your different feed types, you need a combined chicken cattle feed making line,your 10t/h output configuration can be customized. We devote ourselves to undertaking all animal feed pellet production line 1-100T/H and to providing more value added service to all the customers. 

(1)We will determine the feed production process and recommend hen cow feed processing machine.

(2)Control mode selection.

(3)Chicken cattle feed manufacturing plant structure selection.

(4)Planning the general drawing of this hen cow combined feed mill plant site.

Tips for you:

1.It is better for you not to produce poultry feed and cattle feed in one feed production line,that may course diseases of the animals;If you are to do so,do remember to clean all the machines before you change the formula.

2.Normally,pig feed and poultry feed and other animal feed can share one feed production line(not including floating fish feed but sink feed is OK),cattle feed should not be done at the same line.

3.When you make your business plan in feed industry,you must first get the formula you need.This will also help me to design the technical process of the feed production line accurately for you.

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