We are manufacturing pultry feed pellets large scale 10T/Hr production line in egypt, please provide your best price of the pellet producing system.Does it contains a boiler for humidifing the powder?

As a leading poultry feed pellet processing equipment supplier in China, Richi Machinery offers a wide and complete range of feed pellet mills in small and large scale production capacity.from 80kg/hour to 100 tons per hour, as well as turn-key animal feed pellet making plant. For a turnkey 10 ton per hour poultry feed pellet processing plant, normally will include storage silo, corn grinder for poultry chicken feed, poultry feed mixer, poultry chicken feed pellet mill, pulse jet dust collector, counter-flow cooler, bucket elevator, automatic packing and sealing machine. The whole poultry chicken feed pellet production process is under PLC control with high efficiency and accuracy. RICHI adopts newly designed machinery and technology, and has already provided several turn-key poultry chicken feed pellet production lines to global market.

Kindly advise the following questions so that we can supply you with the proper proposal.

1.  Do you only need the single pellet mill or one turn-key plant which includes all kinds of machiney?

2.Do you need auto batching system or mixing different ingrident by manually?

3.Do you need us to supply automatic scales and boiler or you'd like to buy from your local market by yourself?

4.Your other requirement if any.

Since above information will make the price quite different, I am looking forward to hearing form you. Pls find enclosed the quotation as attachment.Anything unclear pls don't hesitate to write to Richi Machinery.

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