What raw materials are used to process chicken feed? What equipment is needed for feed processing?

The raw materials of complete formula feed for chicken mainly include: corn, soybean meal, fish meal, rape meal, cotton meal, premix and so on. If you are a simple small farm with a monthly output of less than 1 ton, generally you only need a platform scale, a small chicken feed grinding machine, a small animal feed mixer, and a household chicken feed pelletizer. The feed equipment is complete and easy to buy in the market. If it is a large-scale chicken feed production plant or a large chicken farm, more equipment is needed: silo, cleaning screen, chicken poultry feed grinder machine, animal poultry chicken food mixer, good performance poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine, chicken pellet cooler, packing scale, crumbler, conveyors, etc.

Each customer's situation is different. You need to configure the chicken feed production line according to the actual situation. It is recommended that you do not blindly follow other people, unless your situation is exactly the same. However, even if the output is the same, the location is different. It is recommended to directly consult the technical staff of RICHI online.

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