What feed does the cow eat to grow fast? Cattle farmers should stop feeding pig feed and chicken feed!

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Many cattle farmers feed their cows with pig feed and chicken feed. They think that the cows grow faster after eating the pig and chicken feed. This is not the case. The digestive structure of pigs, chickens and cows are different, and the required nutrients are also different. In addition, pig feed and chicken feeds may contain antibiotics that can damage the rumen microbiota of cattle. Therefore, pig feeds and chicken feeds are not suitable for feeding cattle. So what feed does the cow eat to grow fast?

Cattle is a herbivorous ruminant, and the diet needs to be mainly roughage. However, because the nutritional value of roughage is relatively low, it is difficult to meet the nutritional needs of cows in the growing period, so a certain amount of concentrated feed is needed. Take fattening cattle as an example, the ratio of roughage to concentrated feed in the general diet It is about 6:4.

There are a lot of roughages available for cattle to eat. All kinds of weeds, pastures, crop straws and dregs can be consumed by cattle. However, the nutritional value of various types of roughages is quite different. Cattle farmers can choose 2~3 kinds of high-quality roughage to match together according to local resource conditions. Fresh pasture (especially legume forage), silage corn stalks, soybean stalks, peanut seedlings and distiller’s grains are all high-quality roughage resources for cattle. However, pregnant cows should be cautiously fed distillers grains so as not to affect the normal growth and development of the fetus.

Concentrated feed needs to be scientifically formulated with raw materials such as corn, soybean meal, wheat bran and premix to meet the nutritional needs of cattle growth and development. Some cattle farmers only feed their cattle with corn or wheat bran, which is obviously not acceptable. Reference for the proportioning plan of beef concentrate: corn 60%, soybean meal 22%, wheat bran 10%, premix 4%, calcium carbonate 1.2%, sodium bicarbonate 2%, salt 0.8%, you can adjust slightly according to the actual situation. For example, you can feed more soybean meal and wheat bran in the early and middle fattening period, and feed more corn and less wheat bran in the late fattening period.

In addition to rationing, cattle farmers also need to ensure the quality of raw materials and proper processing.Feed of low quality, mildew and so on will affect the growth of cattle, so cattle farmers should strengthen the storage of feed, do not feed low quality, mildew, frozen and silt feed.The feed also needs to be properly processed for high palatability and digestibility. For example, wheat stalks and rice straws with high crude fiber content can be short ammoniated, corn stalks can be silaged, and finally mixed with water. Wet, so that the palatability and digestibility of the feed can be maximized. Cows eat more and the digestion and utilization are high and naturally grow faster!

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