How should small and medium-sized feed mills deal with the downturn in pig prices?

In recent months, the price of live pigs has been in a downturn. The sales of many small and medium-sized pig feed mill plants have fallen sharply. We should treat it rationally, control it scientifically, make adequate preparations, and respond reasonably. This is the right choice. So, if the price of pigs is sluggish, how can small and medium feed mills respond?

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1. Processing high-quality piglet feed

Pig prices are not good, suckling piglets cannot eat well. Many feed mills see high raw material prices and declining sales volume, and they choose to reduce the cost of formulas, or use core materials with lower prices and smaller proportions. However, suckling piglets will be affected because of poor nutrition and uneven nutrition. Piglet growth. Some even lead to death. When the price of pigs is good, they face the embarrassment of no pigs to raise.

Richi's suggestion: On the basis of the original premix, there are some small and medium-sized feed factories that are difficult to purchase, have poor quality control, and use small amounts of raw materials such as spray plasma, intestinal membrane protein, yeast hydrolysate and other raw materials. Some manufacturers will These raw materials are processed by special processes, and then all are packaged and sold. Small and medium-sized feed enterprises only need to purchase conventional raw materials such as soybean meal, fermented soybean meal, expanded soybean, calcium hydrogen phosphate, and stone powder. In addition, Richi professional and technical personnel can provide piglet feed formula and process equipment.

2.Process good sow feed

Increased investment in sow feeding has a limited impact on the cost of commercial pigs. Even if the current price of pigs is not optimistic, making sow feed is also a knock-on brick for feed factories to open the door of farmers. The benefits brought by the increase in the number of live weaned piglets provided by sows are huge. When the price of pigs rises, raising the sows to provide enough live piglets will immediately seize the opportunity for the price of pigs to rise and realize the breeding benefits. Maximization. Therefore, in order to improve the key indicators of the number of live weaning (PSY), the formula cost of sow feed should not only be reduced but also increased appropriately.

Richi recommends: 4% lactating sow premix, adding key nutritional factors such as valine, linoleic acid, live bacteria preparation, complex enzyme preparation, potassium diformate, organic iron, etc., to increase the amount of milk per unit time and ensure the birth of piglets Heavy and weaning litter weight, effectively solve the problems of constipation and postpartum paralysis of lactating sows.

China supplier pig feed plant cost

3.Reduce mortality

The level of death elimination rate greatly affects the cost of raising pigs, whether it is profitable or not, is entirely determined by the breeding performance and production indicators! In addition, healthy pigs use less medicine and get out early, which not only improves the utilization rate of equipment, but also saves labor costs. Richi's suggestion: extracts of Codonopsis, Scrophulariaceae, Eucommia, Dendrobium, Astragalus, Honeysuckle, Bupleurum and other medicinal materials can effectively maintain the normal immune function of the body, ensure the health of the body, promote nutrient digestion and absorption, improve feed conversion rate, and improve production efficiency.

4.Feeding the intestines of pigs

Small and medium-sized feed mills should not only consider the feed formula, but also the cost-effectiveness of the feed, and make farmers feel that using this feed is effective. Farmers want to raise pigs first, they must first start from the intestine, the intestine is the largest nutrient absorption organ and the most important immune organ, pigs with healthy intestines can only reduce the occurrence of constipation, increase the growth rate, reduce diarrhea and diarrhea And other issues. Therefore, we must pay attention to improving the pig intestinal health level and feed conversion rate.

Finally, it must be said that raising pigs will always encounter a sluggish market, insist on raising suckling piglets and sows, you need to make long-term plans, slowly wait for the market to improve, and become the winner who persists to the end!Check our feed pellet making line cases

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