The functional characteristics of the temperature control system of the breeding farm

In recent years, with the increasing density of breeding, the breeding environment has become increasingly difficult to control. The temperature control system came into being and is currently one of the main methods for large-scale breeding farms, especially seed breeding farms to control the breeding environment. Although it is not widely used due to its high price, the experts concerned are very optimistic about the development prospects of the temperature control system.

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1. Structure composition  

The breeding temperature control equipment system consists of four parts: breeding boiler, breeding radiator, breeding induced draft fan, and breeding temperature controller.

2. Features 

(1) It has the dual effects of heating in winter and cooling in summer.     

(2) It has the two advantages of fast wind heating and long water heating time.    

(3) Coal-fired heating in winter is more energy-saving and convenient; in summer, it is pressed into groundwater to cool down, which has the same effect as water temperature air conditioning.   

(4) One-time coal can be continuously burned for 4 to 12 hours, and coal only needs to be added 2 to 3 times a day. There is no need for special supervision during normal operation, which can greatly reduce labor intensity.   

(5) It adopts automatic microcomputer to automatically control the operation, and the operation is very simple and convenient.

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