Better broiler breeding technology

Broiler farming is very popular nowadays. People in many areas are raising broiler chickens. Some people are very profitable from breeding, but many others are not very profitable. Why? The conclusion is that the unreasonable feeding management has slowed down the speed of breeding and production, and the profit has become much lower. Today, I will introduce the cultivation technology of broilers.

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1. Build a place of broiler production

The place to build a chicken farm is very important. It is best to choose a place where the terrain is high, sunny, no pollution, no noise, and a good traffic environment. Such a place is most suitable for building a chicken farm. The farm should be built with bricks and tiles. The chicken farm built with wooden boards and other objects is very poor in keeping warm. When the weather is cold, the chickens are easy to get sick. The chicken farm should be kept dry. After the construction is completed, careful disinfection work should be carried out. Sprinkle lime on the ground , And then use drug fumigation to disinfect the chicken farm. The fumigation time is 8 hours to 10 hours. During the disinfection process, the chicken house must be sealed to ensure the disinfection effect in the chicken house. All preparations are Wait for the chicks to be stocked after they are done.

2. The choice of chicks

Breeding broilers must choose good breeds, and choose breeds with strong disease resistance and good adaptability. When choosing chicks, you can choose according to the following requirements. The first point is that the chicks are healthy and strong, lively, and running. There is no obvious obstacle to movement when moving, this kind of chick is the best. The second point depends on whether the chick's coat color is bright and whether the chick's call is loud. Put the chick upside down on the ground to see how fast the chick gets up. If there is no problem in all aspects, you can buy it. The third point is to observe whether the umbilical cord of the chicks is intact, whether there are symptoms such as redness, swelling and congestion. If they are all intact, such chicks are the most suitable for broiler breeding.

3. Chick management

The chicks must be reared for 3 to 5 days adaptively after they are purchased. They are fed 4 times a day and fed 2 times at night. The temperature is controlled at 28°C to 30°C. When feeding, carefully observe the feeding situation of the chicks every day. If you are anorexia, do not like to eat, etc., you should adjust the feed formula in time. Add a small amount of digestive drugs to the feed to help the chicks strengthen their appetite. Put a small amount of sugar in the drinking water every day to increase the physique of the chicks. To adapt to the new environment.

4. Temperature control

The temperature of the chicks must be controlled well when they are adaptively reared. The temperature should be reduced by 2 to 3 degrees every 7 to 10 days. With the cooling food, the feeding should be reduced once a week. The chicks should be fed from 15 to 20 days according to the condition of the chicks. To do a good job of grazing, the daily grazing time should be controlled within 6 hours to 8 hours. Gradually increase the grazing time with the growth of the chicks, which can improve the disease resistance of the chicks and also allow the chicks to adapt as soon as possible The environment around the farm.

5. Cleaning up

The chicks must be cleaned up during the feeding process. The chicken house must be cleaned up in time every day, and the feces must be cleaned up and then covered with a layer of sand. The depth is about 1 cm. The water tanks are disinfected, and vaccines should be used in time when the chicks grow to 30 to 35 days to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

When the wings and feathers of the chicken are full and the fry on the body are not fully grown, such a chicken is called a semi-adult chicken. At this stage, the chicken grows fast. Pay attention to the breeding density and control the number of each group. Normally raise 5 to 7 chickens per square meter, and use more protein-rich feed every day to speed up the growth of broilers. It is okay to not feed the chickens during the grazing period, but the chickens must be filled in the house at night. Not letting the chicken's nutrition keep up will make the chicken grow very slowly and the feathers will not develop well, which will make the chicken easy to get sick.

After the chicken's feathers are fully grown and full, such chickens are called adult chickens. At this time, the chickens should be vaccinated and prepared for group breeding. Commercial chickens and breeders should be raised separately. Commercial chicken breeding should reduce activities. Increase the supply of protein feed to achieve the effect of fast fattening of chickens. The breeding method of breeder chickens is completely opposite to increase the time of grazing. Breeders are mainly grazing before laying eggs, and the supply of protein feed can be increased after laying eggs. In this way, it can ensure that the breeder chickens have enough ability to reproduce the population, and the commercial chickens can also be quickly put on the market.

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