Succulent feed for sheep is good

feed granulator machine cattle and sheep

1. Nutritional properties   

Succulent feed contains up to 70%-95% moisture, is crispy and delicious, easy to digest, and the digestibility of organic matter is 85%-90%. In winter, adding some juicy feed to the sheep ration based on straw and hay can improve the palatability of the ration and increase the feed utilization rate.

Succulent feed has low energy content, but less crude fiber in dry matter, equivalent to corn, sorghum, etc.; low crude protein content, but high biological value; differences in the content of various minerals and vitamins It is very large, generally lacking in calcium and phosphorus, and rich in potassium. Carrots are rich in carotene, but sweet potatoes and potatoes lack various vitamins.  

2. Common juicy feed

(1) Carrots have high yield, storage stability and rich nutrition. Most of the nutrients in carrots are starch and sugars. Because they contain sucrose and fructose, they are sweet and juicy. Each kilogram of carrots contains more than 36 mg of carotene and 0.09% of phosphorus, which is higher than the general juicy feed. In addition, carrots have a higher iron content. Moreover, the darker the color, the higher the carotene and iron content.

(2) Sweet potato has high yield, less crude fiber, rich in starch, and the energy content ranks first among juicy feeds. Sweet potatoes are not cold, so they should be stored at around 13℃. Sweet potatoes with black pandemic have a peculiar smell and contain toxic ketones. Feeding sheep can easily lead to asthma, and in severe cases can cause death.  

(3) Like sweet potatoes, potatoes have higher energy content than other juicy feeds. Potatoes contain solanine, which is high in young shoots, immature tubers and tubers that turn green during storage by sunlight. Excessive feeding can cause poisoning. When feeding, the sprouting part should be cut off and carefully selected to prevent poisoning. 

(4) Sugar beets and beet residues have high yields of sugar beets, with a sugar content of 5% to 11%. They are suitable for feeding sheep, but should not be fed too much, nor should they be fed alone. Sugar beet (containing 20% ​​to 22% sugar) is the residue left over after squeezing sugar to make sugar beet residue. 80% of the crude fiber in beet residue can be digested by sheep, so it can be regarded as energy feed for sheep based on the dry matter calculation. Beet residue contains more calcium and phosphorus, and more calcium than phosphorus, the ratio is better than other juicy feeds. Note that the dried beet residue should be soaked with 2 to 3 times the weight of water before feeding to avoid swelling and disease caused by a large amount of water in the digestive tract after feeding.

Beet residues can be made into sugar beet residue products by adding molasses and 7.8% urea. It is hard in quality, slow in digestion, high in urea utilization, good in safety, and can increase feed intake by 20%.

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