How To Raise Ruminant Sheep?

Richi Machinery is a China professional animal feed pellet making plant machinery supplier, the animal poultry chicken cattle sheep fish feed pellet making machine price is reasonable, so it is welcomed by the majority of large animal feed mill factories and farmers. Because the price of mutton is relatively high, farmers tend to choose to raise sheep. This article will introduce how to raise sheep in detail.

Long-term captive sheep tend to have less feed intake, poorer sensation, weaker body, smaller body size, and lower production performance than grazing sheep. Therefore, the following measures can take to increase the feed intake of captive sheep.

animal feed manufacturing process machine of sheep feed plant

1.Reasonable Matching Of Concentrate And Forage

The appetite of captive sheep is generally poor. Therefore, in the breeding, the palatability, diversification and digestible feed should be selected and prepared to ensure the nutrition is comprehensive and balanced to meet the growth and reproduction of sheep and the weight gain of nutrients. demand. Sheep diets should have a higher nutrient concentration.

Since the sheep are ruminants, the roughage in the diet should account for 2/3 of the total diet, and the concentrate can account for 1/3 of the total diet. In order to improve the nutrient concentration of the sheep diet, the roughage may be crushed, softened or fermented and mixed with the concentrate, and the granules may be pelleted by the ruminant sheep feed pelletizing machine to create conditions for the roughage to be eaten and utilized.

2.First Roughage And Then Fine When Feeding

The roughage is crushed by animal sheep feed grinder hammer mill machine and granulated by animal sheep feed pellet maker. When conditions permit, the roughage such as grass, crop straw, and green hay should be crushed in the sheep feed production process, through the sheep feed pellet processing machine into the feed pellets to feed sheep, and then fed to the concentrate after the sheep have finished the roughage. This will promote the sheep to eat more.

The feeding principle is to add less diligent feeding. When feeding the forage to the sheep, the appetite of the sheep is generally more vigorous, and adding less diligent feeding can make the sheep always feel inadequate and not tired and picky. Adult sheep are fed three times a day for 6:00, 12:00, and 18:00, and lambs can increase 1-2 times. The time can be adjusted appropriately during the summer. In the winter and spring season, due to the short night, you can feed it once in the evening. In addition, the sheep are replenished with a certain amount of hay, so that the sheep can eat freely to compensate for the fact that some sheep only have insufficient feeding.

Less frequent feeding can also prevent the nose from blowing and making the feed taste. At the same time, we can continue to observe the feeding situation of the sheep, and find the phenomenon of eating, stopping, insufficient or leftovers at any time, so as to take corresponding measures in time.

3.The Transition Should Gradually Change When Changing The Forage

Sheep have a certain adaptation period for forage and feed. Sudden replacement of forage will disrupt the eating habits of the sheep. The sheep are only uneasy, the feeding is reduced, and the digestive function is disordered, causing constipation or diarrhea and even death. Therefore, when changing the forage in production, it should gradually transition and not change suddenly.

4.Let The Sheep Drink Enough Water

The rumen of the sheep is a large fermenter. The moisture content of the rumen contents is 84-94%. The forage and feed that the sheep eats can only be immersed in the rumen with anaerobic ciliates, bacteria, and fungi in the rumen. After being thoroughly mixed, it is decomposed and digested. If the drinking water is insufficient, it will directly affect the digestion of forage feed by rumen microorganisms, thereby feedback reducing the feed intake of sheep. In order to promote the sheep to drink more water, cornmeal or mixed concentrate, salt, etc. can be used to make a paste with boiling water, and then the cold water. The water temperature in winter should be higher, and the water temperature in summer should be lower. The sheep need about 3-4 kg of water per kilogram of dry matter per day.

5.Strengthen The Movement Of Sheep

The amount of exercise in captive sheep is less than in grazing. Insufficient amounts of sheep's exercise will not only reduce the feed intake of the sheep, but also cause the sheep's physical condition to be weak, and it is easy to suffer from respiratory diseases and limb and hoof diseases. In order to promote the movement of the sheep under captivity, a large enough sports field should be set up. The playing field can be set to a ring shape. In addition to letting the sheep move freely, the sheep should rush to the flock regularly to force their movement.

6.Add A Food Supplement

Sheep's use of smell to find food is one of the most basic biological functions. The olfactory chemoreceptor is excited by the aroma and excites the digestive organs and causes the appetite of the sheep. Therefore, fragrant, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onion, cumin, medlar, white peony, wormwood, other flavoring agents, and spicy flavoring agents can appropriately add in the feed, which can dispel cold, stomach and digestion. Long-term addition can promote the feed intake of sheep.

Try not to use ground feeding, and hang iron wire welded or wooden light grass frame in the sheep house, which saves time, labor and sanitation. This feeding method is closer to the habit of natural grazing, which is conducive to the growth and development of sheep and reduces the occurrence of diseases.

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