How to feed fattening sheep to grow fast?

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1. Progress and intensity: When the lamb is fattened, the general fine-wool lamb ends at the age of 8-8.5 months, the semi-fine-wool lamb ends at the age of 7-7.5 months, and the meat lamb ends at the age of 6-7 months. Generally, the intensity is used for fattening and higher The weight gain effect.

2. Diet combination: The feed in the ration should be taken locally, and the combination should be diversified. The ratio of concentrate and coarse feed should be 45% and 55%. During the fattening period of mutton sheep, the amount of feed required per day depends on the condition of the sheep and the type of feed. However, when supplementary feeding is the mainstay, the daily supply of concentrate is generally 200-250 grams of goat lamb and 500-1000 grams of lamb. For example, each of the ewes needs 1.2-1.8 kilograms of hay, 3.2-4.1 kilograms of silage corn, and 0.3 kilograms of cereal feed per day, while the lambs of the year are 0.5-1.0, 1.8-2.7 and 0.45-1.4 kilograms.

The fattening sheep feed can be separated from grass and feed, or mixed with fine and coarse feed. Powdered feed should be properly mixed and wet to feed sheep. Lamb pellets have a diameter of 1-1.3 cm, large sheep 1.8-2.0 cm. Sheep fattening with pellets can increase daily weight gain by 25%.

① Concentrated diet: It is only suitable for fattening of strong lambs with a large weight, such as the initial weight of about 35 kg, and the slaughter weight of 48-50 kg after 40-55 days of intensity fattening. Management should ensure that each lamb eats 45-90 grams of roughage per day, and the live weight of the sheep in the pen is larger, about 35 kg for sheep and 20 kg for goats. Sheep in the pen only rest for 3-5 days to inject the triple vaccine to prevent enterotoxemia, and then inject once every 14-15 days. Ensure drinking water, as long as you add antibiotics to the water for sheep purchased from outside, take it for 5 days. Keep the feed in the trough without interruption, and each lamb should occupy a slot of 7-8 cm.

②Coarse feed type ration: It can be divided into two types according to the feeding method. One is for ordinary troughs, where the concentrate and coarse feed are fed separately; the other is for automatic feeders, where the concentrate and coarse feed are fed together.

③ Silage-type diet: mainly corn silage, which can account for 67.5-87.5% of the diet. It is not suitable for early fattening lambs and short-term intensity fattening lambs, but can be used for small lambs with a breeding period of more than 80 days. . The daily increase is important to reach 110-160 grams, and the lamb's daily food intake is not less than 2.30 kg.

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