Fattening sheep feed pellet formula and sheep fattening method

1.Fattening sheep feed formula

With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher food requirements. Now more and more people are beginning to pursue green food. For example, the meat of some herbivores such as sheep and cows is also very popular. So now more and more people are starting to raise sheep. Although raising sheep, it seems to be a very simple matter. But it is not easy to make sheep grow quickly.(Related page:complete sheep feed pellet prodction process

(1)Corn meal 21.5%, grass meal 21.5%, bean cake 21.5%, corn kernel 17%, peanut cake 10.3%, wheat bran 6.9%, salt 0.7%, urea 0.3%, additive 0.3%, mix evenly and then feed. In the first 20 days, each animal was fed 350 grams per day. The average daily feed is 400 grams for the middle 20 days, and the average daily feed for the next 20 days is 450 grams, and the roughage is unlimited free intake.

(2)Intensity feeding formula for fattening sheep: for the first 20 days of fattening, 500-600 grams of concentrate for each sheep daily. The formula is: corn 49%, bran 20%, oil cake 30%, stone meal (bone meal) 1 %, 20 grams of additives (for sheep), 5-10 grams of salt. Fattening for 20-40 days.

(3)Each feeder supplies 0.7-0.8 kg of concentrate per day. The formula is: corn 55%, bran 20%, oil cake 24%, stone meal (bone meal) 1%, additives (for sheep) 20 grams, and salt 5-10 grams. Fattening for 40-60 days, each animal is supplied with 0.9-1.0 kg of concentrate per day. The formula is: corn 65%, bran 14%, oil cake 20%, stone meal (bone meal) 1%, additives (for sheep) 20 grams, salt 10 Grams.

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2. Sheep fattening time and method

(1) Feeding. Choose a pasture with high grass yield and good grass quality to graze and fatten. The grazing time requires 4 hours to 6 hours a day in winter and spring, and 10 hours to 12 hours in summer and autumn. It is guaranteed that you will be full after eating 3 hours a day; in the dry season or grazing When the site is restricted, ammoniated straw, silage, micro-storage feed, high-quality green hay, rhizome feed, processing by-products, and concentrated feed can be used to feed and fatten goats.

(2) Choose a shady and cool place in summer and autumn, and choose a sunny and warm place for grazing in winter and spring. At the same time, pay attention to drinking water and supplement salt to prevent infection of parasites and avoid eating cold dew grass and frost grass; feeding ammoniated feed and silage feed should be mastered Dosage, beware of ammonia poisoning and acidosis. Ventilate the ammoniated feed for two or three days before feeding, and then feed it after it has no pungent ammonia smell.

3. Precautions for sheep fattening

(1) Pay attention to reasonable feeding. Feeding mutton sheep should follow the principle of timing, quantitative, constant temperature and quality, and less frequent feeding. Pay attention to mixing a variety of forages and feeds before feeding. In order to ensure that the mutton sheep achieve a better daily gain effect, the type of feed cannot be too single.

(2) To maintain diversity, not only can increase the appetite of mutton sheep, increase feed intake, but also avoid the occurrence of metabolic diseases. And when feeding, it is necessary to ensure that the mixed feed of the day is freshly mixed before feeding. Do a good job of anti-mildew in summer and anti-freeze in winter, and it is strictly forbidden to feed moldy and frozen feed.

(3) In addition, growth promoting agents such as rumen can be added to the feed. Pay attention to frequent observation. It is necessary to strengthen the training of breeders to enable them to master the basic knowledge of mutton breeding and production essentials. In the process of fattening, pay attention to observe the dynamics of the flock, such as feeding, ruminating, mental state and excretion, so as to discover and deal with problems in time.

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4. Prospects for sheep farming

(1) The consumption of mutton has been rising slowly, and the market prospect is good. Generally from childhood to adult size, about two years. However, with the differences in breeds, raising levels, and breeding requirements, it can basically be determined between 0.5 and 2 years. Good breeding and good variety can reach 50 kg in half a year. If there is not enough weeds, the key to captive breeding is to control the cost of feed.

(2) Nowadays, people's dietary structure has also undergone great changes. Lamb contains low cholesterol and is rich in nutrients. It is gradually being recognized by people, and its consumption is also increasing. Prices continue to rise, so from the current situation, the prospects for mutton sheep breeding are bright.

As people's demand for mutton continues to increase, for some people in the breeding industry, it seems to see business opportunities. But if you want sheep to grow quickly, there are certain methods for raising sheep. Hope some of the methods mentioned above can be helpful to you.

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