How to choose feed additive premix for animal feed mill factory?

What we need to explain here is: With the continuous advancement of science and technology, people's social division of labor is becoming more and more detailed. Those professional and difficult to control the mixing of feed additives are mostly done by professional animal feed processing plants. According to the animal species, the characteristics of different growth stages and some special needs, they dilute a variety of feed additives with different functions and uses in an appropriate amount through the carrier to make a uniform mixture, which is called a feed additive premix .

The use of feed premix avoids the complicated and delicate configuration work of the farmers. It is simple and convenient to use, and brings great guarantee in quality. Generally, you only need to choose the appropriate one according to the actual situation of your breeding object. Premix additives, and follow the instructions on the package to use step by step. But when purchasing, we must pay attention to the following points:

how to run effectively an animal premix feed manufacturing plant for poultry cattle sheep pig fish

1. Pay attention to the approval number on the package

Take China as an example. Starting in 2000, domestic feed additive manufacturers must have production licenses issued by relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture. Each product of feed additives, including different content and different formulations, should have a province. Corresponding approval document number issued by the competent authority above the level. The product quality is guaranteed for products marked with a valid approval document number approved by the relevant drug administration or feed authority.  

2. Pay attention to the packaging and the date of production  

The closer the delivery time of general feed additives is, the better. Pay attention to the expiration date of the feed additives indicated on the package. The use of additives beyond the expiration date is prohibited.

3. Pay attention to the effective ingredients, types, carriers, diluent names and proportions of the drug additives, etc.

For example: pharmaceutical additives must indicate the chemical name, content, compatibility, contraindications, withdrawal period, use methods and precautions of the added pharmaceutical feed additives, and in accordance with the provisions of the agricultural administrative department of the State Council, in the feed standard The words "add medicinal feed additives" are marked on it. There is also whether the change of the general carrier of pharmaceutical additives will affect the palatability of animals. For example, the carrier of some pharmaceutical additives is stone powder. When the proportion of this stone powder is too large, animals will not like to eat it. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the proportion of other ingredients in the compound feed needs to be adjusted, etc. These must be dealt with in specific problems.  

4. Pay attention to the smell and color of additives

Color is also an important way to distinguish the quality of feed additives. The color of additives should meet the product requirements. The color of moldy and deteriorating products will have obvious changes. For example, the color of vitamin C is generally white or slightly yellow. The hardening will be more serious, moldy deterioration will occur, and products with poor odor should not be purchased.  

5. Pay attention to choosing products with better liquidity

The choice of feed additives should also talk about famous brands. Generally speaking, products produced by large-scale enterprises that emphasize quality and reputation have better production conditions, dry products, and are not suitable for dampness, agglomeration, discoloration and deterioration, and product fluidity is also good.  

6. Chemical analysis inspection 

The authenticity of some additive products can be determined by chemical analysis methods. Use the test result to compare with the label value to judge the authenticity of the product.  

7. Pay attention to the ratio of feed ingredients in the premix

When choosing feed premix, in addition to the active ingredients, production date, product batch number, etc. mentioned above, attention should also be paid to the ratio of the feed ingredients in the premix additives and the content of the additives in the premix The active ingredient is only 1% or 5%, and 95%-99% of the ingredients are feed ingredients. The quality of feed ingredients varies greatly. Some feed ingredients are of poor quality, such as large water content, poor maturity, excessive harmful substances, and even adulteration. Therefore, we must pay full attention.

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