Do you know the farrowing bed of sows?

The sow farrowing bed is an indispensable equipment for modern industrialized pig raising. In terms of use, in order to improve the performance and effect of the farrowing bed, the pig farm should meet the following three requirements.  

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(1) The height of the sow's farrowing bed should be appropriate 

The height adjustment of the farrowing bed helps to adjust the temperature of the sow house. The lower the floor, the lower the temperature and the higher the humidity, and the more vulnerable it is to wind. The actual production survey found that increasing the height of the farrowing bed for sows from 20 cm to 45 cm reduced the incidence of E. coli in piglets by 50% to 70%. According to the growth and breeding rules of sows, it can be divided into five stages: gilts, pregnant sows, parturient sows, lactating sows and empty sows. The quality of feeding and management at each stage directly affects the growth, reproduction and value of sows.  

(2) The fence should be flat and the delivery bed should be flat to prevent the nipples from being cut and cut off

Use 0.1% to clean the udders and nipples once or twice a day to prevent mastitis and affect the sow's lactation. To avoid the phenomenon of sows crushing piglets, at the same time, a warm box is specially designed for piglets, where the piglets can shelter from the cold when the weather is cold. The farrowing room and bed should be thoroughly rinsed two weeks before the sows give birth.  

(3) Empty the circle for more than 2 days to keep the pig house dry  

Sows should be transferred to the farrowing room one week before delivery (a pig farm with conditions should bathe the parturient sows before transferring to the farrowing room) to adapt to the new environment. And to keep the sows farrowing bed clean, dry, quiet and comfortable, fresh air, it is best to have enough sunshine in winter, and keep the temperature inside the house. For pig farms with dedicated farrowing rooms, the farrowing bed should be prepared in time before the sows are delivered, and the sows should be driven into the farrowing room 5-7 days before delivery to familiarize them with the environment. If you give birth in the original house, you must completely remove the soil and fertilizer from the manure pit 15 days before farrowing, 3 to 5 days before farrowing. Then replace the old soil on the pig bed together with the dirty bedding to keep the pig bed flat and dry. The delivery room should always be kept clean, dry, warm, sunny and fresh.

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