The key technology of humidity control in pig house

The main reason for the dampness of the pig house is the excessive production of water vapor and poor ventilation. The main sources of water vapor are the water vapor from the floor of the pig house, the evaporation of water in the manure ditch and the water vapor produced by the breathing of the pigs. To maintain the proper humidity in the pig house, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation while reducing water vapor.  

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①Pork house location  

The pig house should be built in a high dry place with a north facing south, and the floor of the pig house should be raised moderately. This is conducive to ventilation and drainage. The soil is dry and does not return to moisture. The floor of the pig house should be higher than the surface outside the house. It is recommended to raise it by 800-1000 mm.   

②Increase ventilation    

The effective way to remove damp and moisture in a pig house is to make good ventilation measures. Through ventilation, on the one hand, the moist air in the house is taken away and the floor is dried, and on the other hand, the dirty air is discharged and fresh air is replaced.     

③Optimized ventilation method 

Under the condition of ensuring good ventilation, it is also necessary to optimize the ventilation method, mainly to strengthen the rational use of manure fans. In pig houses with full and semi-leaking floors, use manure fans Ventilation can greatly increase the ventilation rate.     

④Keep the ground level and free from urine and water  

Many pig farms have poor floor construction quality, concrete is not up to standard, floor potholes, slopes are too small, concrete arching and falling off, etc., serious water and urine accumulation in pig houses not only affects air quality, but also causes air humidity It will affect the health of pigs.   

⑤Adopt water-saving design, optimize floor structure and clean manure method    

The water-saving design idea is mainly reflected in reducing the waste of drinking water in the pig herd, reducing the water used for flushing, and reducing the humidity in the pig house. 

Pig excretion is the main cause of high humidity and poor air in the pig house. A good leakage floor design can ensure that the pigs’ excrement and urine fall into the pit in time. The semi-leakage floor type is recommended, which not only reduces the cost, And it can reduce air humidity and improve air quality.   

⑥Maintain reasonable stocking density

The density of the pig herd is too high, not only produces a large amount of manure and urine in the pen, but it is also difficult for the pig herd to form a habit of urinating at a fixed point, which causes serious pollution of the manure in the house. Relative humidity.    

⑦Adopt temperature and humidity automatic controller   

The temperature and humidity controller is connected to the fan. When the temperature or humidity reaches the set value, the fan will automatically turn on to increase the ventilation volume and reduce the humidity.

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